Wish Lists take the guessing out of Gift giving!

Sunday, September 7, 2008
Gift giving can always be a little nerve racking when trying to discern the perfect gift for that special someone.

When you enjoy the Park Lane shopping experience, I can help make shopping for a gift easier. Our Wish List is a powerful tool that can make shopping for you easier on that spouse or boyfriend or significant other.

The wish list is given out during the presentation to customers so they can jot down items in the catalog and jewelry that is revealed to them during the presentation that they truly find suits their tastes.

It's a dream list or more like a Christmas List that a child would send to Santa. You have the opportunity to dream big and write things down as if money were no option. Then at the bottom of the Wish List it asks you if you'd like to join the "It's Just what I wanted!" Club. This service can be very helpful to that spouse or significant other who needs a little nudge in the right direction when choosing a gift for a birthday or anniversary.
Who has gotten that last minute bottle of perfume or the gift that wasn't quite right. By allowing me to contact your significant other around your birthday or anniversary time I can extend to them the wish list you put together during the party and they can choose the perfect piece of jewelry for you and the BEST part is that YOU already LOVE it!

It saves you from having to drop hints, and releases you from feeling guilty about suggesting a gift or even having to purchase it yourself. All you have to do is tell your spouse that you did join this club and that I will contact him about a month out from the date so he has plenty of time to choose an item and get it to your home.

It's just that simple. So the next time you are at a JBPL party with me join the "It's Just what I wanted!" Club, you and your significant other will both be happy with the results!

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