Fave sugar Scrub: Sweet Moroccan Scrub

Tuesday, December 20, 2011
Okay so I have raved about Rhassoul Clay, and Argan oil is so wonderful for skin, hair and everything. Combine the two and you have a great mask or separate them and it can be a Rhassoul clay mask/ facial cleanser, the Argan oil moisturizer post mask/cleanser. If you add Sugar in the Raw, you have a great sugar scrub that leaves your skin hydrated and baby soft.

For single preparations I love using the Sugar in the Raw packets. It's cheaper than buying a bag, it's space saving and I can usually squeeze 4 preparations out of it. 3 if i really need a strong scrub.

Here is my Recipe:

Sweet Moroccan Scrub:

This is for a single preparation:
1tbs. Rhassoul Clay
1tsp. Argan oil (yup that much)
1/4 packet of Sugar in the Raw

Wet face with luke warm water.
place Rhassoul Clay in palm of hand
Add Argan oil to clay
Add sugar
Mix with indx finger hen evenly distrubute on hands and scrub into face.
Use gentle circular motions.
Rinse face with cold water and pat face dry.  Face should feel smooth, hydrated and silky.

If you need a little more hydration use 1 to 2 drops argan oil and apply to dry areas.

Love doing this before bed and my face is perfectly balanced when i wake up. Argan oil is such a  God send for me. If you do not wish to prepare the scrub in your hand use a small nonporous bowl or cup and mix ingredients with a spoon then follow the rest of the directions.  I hope you enjoy this scrub and please let me know how it works for you.
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"The Nutcracker" and BFTE Eyeshadow Giveaway

Monday, December 19, 2011
Merry Christmas y'all! I am so glad to have some time to be able to post. I haven't in soo long. Well with the Christmas season in full swing, I have to say one of my favorite things about Christmas is the Nutcracker Ballet. I have been watching
it on PBS and live since i was a little girl.

While it's best live, it can get expensive, so i am eternally grateful for my PBS station to allow me to see the George Balanchine Nutcracker and various other versions of the ballet (love the San Francisco Ballet version). Now that i have my own kids and in particular my daughter is now big enough to understand it, watching the Nutcracker with her for the second year in a row has been very fun and educational for us both. It also has provided us with something to
bond over and discuss. Who doesn't love the Sugar Plum Fairy?

The colors of the costumes and the Land of Sweets always captivated me as it does now with my daughter.This year she was so enamoured with the Flowers and the Dewdrop fairy...pink was everywhere.

Beauty From the Earth has put out three Limited Edition eyeshadow collections which I think capture the feel of this beautiful ballet.Each set contains three full sized jars of loose mineral eyeshadow. enough to provide for many fun looks and days of enjoyment.

The first, Sweet Tooth, with a beautiful purple, sugary pink and spicy yellow colors reminded me exactly of the backdrop to the New York Met Balanchine Nutcracker.  It just cries out candy shoppe.  Lovely for a party or to spice up a neutral look.

The Nutcracker Collection also with three stunning colors, has Cavalier which is the beautiful red color. The Cavalier has a great solo after his dance with the Sugar Plum Fairy. With such great leaps and turns, very exciting. Red is such a great shade to describe how powerful this male dancer has to be in order to lift, catch, spin, and leap in the Nutcracker. The Mouse King shade would look great in the center of the eye to give an extra pop.  Clara, the green shade is wonderful because i always associate her with the Christmas tree as it grows large and Clara shrinks to the size of the Nutcracker. It is truly amazing how the theater works to make a production larger than life. 

The final collection, still yet to be released is called Winter Wonderland. Another favorite part of mine is the Dancing in the Snow scene. The icy cool shades of light blue, white and the dark of the night time sky in a beautiful shimmering silvery grey are wonderful combinations.
To this end, BFTE is having a blog contest and the winner receives one of the three collections. I would love to have Sweet Tooth.  To enter the contest click here for the FB page and details on how to enter.

For the true Nutcracker enthusiast this collection is a great tribute to the ballet and captures beautifully the mood, fun, and innocence of Tchaikovsky's ballet, which he had doubts about after writing the suite. I am glad he decided to allow people to hear it, because it struck me as a child and turned me on to ballet and has brought so much joy to so many generations. It is a tradition on my house and next year I hope to take my daughter to see it live as performed by the Moscow Ballet.

Cheers y'all and Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Feliz Dia de Los Reyes!

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Underwear..Foundation Garments....flatter your figure from the inside out

Tuesday, October 25, 2011
I was dress shopping today for my Christmas dress. Yes i understand Christmas is still a ways a ways, however, I plan ahead and hate a crowded store so shopping ahead of time is always a plus for me. I did find some dresses I liked. The Mad Men cable show has had such a positive influence on fashion and has embraced clothing that shows curve and is feminine via character Joan Holloway.

I love how she has real curves and a real bustline. Christina Hendricks is just so buxom and gorgeous. The fashions she wears in the show make me go gaga. I love the jewel tones and the hip huggin fit. The length is perfect for curvy gals with the majority of the outfits hitting the knee.  There is just something about an exposed knee that can be very sexy and not trashy.

So with all these dresses hitting the scene since the series hit the air I have been stocking up on dresses of this type. So one of my fave types of ways to dress.  However, pulling off a dress like this does take some effort when you happen to be a curvy gal. I remember an interview with Hendricks where she had to learn about the foundation garments that help to polish Joan visually.  It reminded me of the movie Pleasantville with Reese Witherspoon where she complained about wearing 50lbs of underwear and that she might kill someone with the pointy boobs. I always marveled at how much underwear went into making a polished look. It is something that i think is often neglected today where mega skinny is the way of life and mujeres con curves get pushed to the back.

Foundation garments are another way of saying shapewear. They are garments that help to smooth, lift, and tighten, and in some cases minimize the body so that one can present the best shape possible in a given garment. Think about a wedding gown or even a prom gown. These are two times in a woman's life when we truly concentrate on foundation garments to help us look our best on these important days. Well, foundation garments also help us to look fab when wearing dresses for work or for any occasion. I found some vintage explanation of such garments on Couture Allure Vintage Fashion Blog.  The one in particular i really appreciated was the garments for the sheath dress. There was a strapless bra and a high waisted girdle to bring in the hips and flatten and control the tummy. What gal couldn't use some help there. The contraption may look uncomfy but hey ladies if we can wear 5" heels during the day, then we can wear shapewear to help present a better picture of ourselves in a dress.

Spankx help alot with being able to present a more flattering figure when wearing dresses and more form fitting garments. However, don't discount the need for a long line bra and high waisted girdle..yes girdle.  Rago makes really good quality shapewear that is fantastic in it's construction and durability. Less expensive shapewear can ride up or roll down and this stuff does not. Herroom.com has the Rago line and presents some reasonable prices. also check Retailmenot.com for further discount coupon codes. 

Taking the time to put on foundation garments can help you to lift your bust, smooth you tummy and improve your posture and improve your appearance in a garment. It's worth a try and can even be sexy. Go for the Mad Men curvacious body of Joan. You're soo worth it.

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French Toast Casserole..Yum!

Sunday, June 19, 2011
Okay having recently checked out Money Saving Mom.com blog, I have fallen in love with her freezer ready recipes. I was very intrigued at the French Toast Casserole in particular. I'm new to freezing meals and having them ready just to heat at a moment's notice. Taken to allrecipes.com (one of my fave sites EVER!) and it looked very similar to bread pudding. Less butter but still quite yummy looking. I added it to my weekly meal plan and tried it out on Friday.  Since it was so close to bread pudding i knew to up the amount of Vanilla Extract in the recipe. I am a vanilla extract nut. when a recipe calls for 1tsp I add 3. So yeah i added more then the recommended amount and to the top raisins. Yum! It bakes at 350 for 45-40 min and my house began to smell the way it doe when my mom used to make budin or Bread pudding with raisins.

when the timer went off this is what i had:

Can We say Yummy! This was sweet,warm, gooey,crunchy and comforting all in one bite! I've never seen my daughter go through food so fast before. Even my 9 month old son loved it! 

This was so easy and I always have the ingredients on hand. The hubby came home from drill and devoured what was leftover. I made it again for Father's day breakfast and I know he loved waking up to the sweet smells of baking in the morning.

This is going to be such a keeper for the the recipe binder. Though there is no need for a recipe. It's committed to memory. I love that it only has 2 TBS butter in addition to the butter used to coat or as I call it "color" the baking dish. I call it coloring because i used butter in a stick form and it does feel very much like coloring.

According to MSM and the comments to the post, you can either bake this through and freeze it or leave it raw and freeze. If baked through thaw then bake at 350 for 30 min. How easy is that!

This is great for a quick go to recipe and would brighten any occasion or holiday. Click HERE to get the recipe. I hope you enjoy this as much as I have.

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My Kobo ereader cover!

Friday, June 10, 2011
Okay I LOVE my Kobo ereader. It is perfect for my needs which are:
1. read a book without having pages to turn and distract infant while nursing.
2. Easily download and read Library digi books.
3. adjust text size and have wifi

Okay when looking for an ereader i wanted something that was almost bare bones and just simple to use. I didn't need touch, cause the boy is getting bigger and arms are getting longer so touch screens are out. Kobo has only one button with four points on it to aid in menu selection, page turning, and adjusting text size and a few other things, but I'm not going into that. If you'd like good reviews please see a YouTube review of the Kobo. Price was a factor too and i got this on ebay for less than $60 including shipping!

It has WIFi which is great if I'm away from my computer and wish to buy a book. It can easily handle epub and pdf formats and digi books from the library which is great! Increasing Library circulation and letting the higher ups know that ebooks at the library are where it's at!  Customer Service is nice too. 

I also love the quilted texture on the back of the reader which helps with gripping the reader. Fabulous! However, being the lover of accessories ..ie I'm a woman...had to dress up and protect (protection being high on my list..hardy har..yes it was there..somewhere...but there) my ereader. So, to Etsy I went.  I did a search for kobo ereader covers and found that seller are willing to customize covers made for the Nook and Kindle to match the size of the Kobo ereader. Yay! It really came down to one seller who had soem striking covers: Dana Designs. She had two that were basically the same thing but with different band colors. One in Magenta and the other in a rich purple. For $24 these are a steal and a treasure!

Dana has been on Etsy since 2009 and is  SAHM to three kids, a military wife, and loves shopping for fabric (sister we need to hang out).In addition to ereader covers she also makes tooth-fairy pillows and coffee cup sleeves.

So my decision came to:
Before purchasing i asked if she could customize it to the Kobo specs and she graciously said yes. Purchased the item included specs and shortly there after I got an email from Dana saying the process would take about 10 days. My reply: I look forward to a surprise in my mailbox.
(I love getting parcels. That and handwritten letters.)

Okay above is Dana's gorgeous pic of the cover. Here are my amateur pics, so hang on and i apologize for the glare ..still figuring out lighting and camera settings.

The item came wrapped meticulously in pink tissue paper with a label of Dana Designs.
After opening the tissue paper and yes i unwrap like a little kid..I did say I love parcels.  Holding the cover in my hands was like holding a beautiful glove. It's a work of art. Beautiful craftsmanship and attention to details and it's just for me.

The magenta stripe has velcro so the cover shuts and protects (see there it is) the ereader. It's cushioned and safe in the custom cut corners and fits in a as snug as a bug in a rug. I can still easily access the Kobo button for page turning etc. On the right hand side there are two little pockets for whatever..USB cords, reading light, paci. Will be handy when i travel with my ereader.
 I am just so happy with this that i had to blog about this bling for my Kobo. If you have an ereader and wish to accessorize it in a decadent way I highly suggest that you go to Dana's Designs and check out her gorgeous stock.

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Summer readin': My top 8 Addictive Authors

Sunday, June 5, 2011
Summer is here!

I love summer. The island girl in me really awakens and my skin itches for sand surf and salty sea air. When relaxin by the pool, having a quiet afternoon or just wanting to have some night time reading, I always turn to a few authors for great reading. I have so many but these are my top 8. Not all are series books but each author has had me addicted to their style and their attention to character development that i find myself itching for the next book to release even if it's a year or two away.

1. Clive Cussler - Dirk Pitt, Kurt Austen, and Fargo series are my fave. Great action adventure novels with underwater action and Historical tie-ins.  Great stuff. I've been reading Cussler since I was 15. My Dad started me with Inca Gold I've been hooked ever since!

2.Lauren Willig - The Flower Spy series. Mystery, intrigue, Jane Austen settings, romance and great historical fiction fun! Can't wait for the new book to come out in January 2012.

3. Charlaine Harris - Sookie Stackhouse Novels aka Southern Vampire Mysteries. These are the books that started the whole True Blood Series on HBO. I love these books! Mystery suspense, thriller, vampires, weres, Fae, shifters, witches and a whole lot more and a little small town bar maid who is more than she appears to be.  What more could you want?  (Eric in person! duh)  The audiobooks are great!

4. Sarah Addison Allen -  Her novels all take place in the south and have such great magic and small town lore about them. Her first couple of books even have recipes. There is always great food involved in her books. But the mystery is what really keeps you going. Her main characters are strong and curious. These for me are especially great summer reads.

5. Michelle Moran - If you are fancying a trip to the ancient world, then Michelle Moran is your author. Her first novel Nefertiti, is rich in historical fact and fiction. Heretic Queen is another wonderful trip down the Nile and Cleopatra's Daughter are all wonderfully written books with rich landscapes and powerful storylines that will keep you turning pages well into the wee hours of the night. Audiobooks are great here too!

6. Colleen Gleason - Before there was Buffy there was Victoria Gardella. Lady of the ton by day and vampire slayer by night. As her website says " Balls, Beaux, dance cards..and fangs?" Great page turners and the characters are all interesting with their own histories and tales. You will love Victoria and how she naigates her new role and tries to balance family and romance through out this series.

7. Kresely Cole - Immortals After Dark Series is HOT! Paranormal Romance fans will find this a great series as will other readers who are just getting into vampires, werewolves and the like. Cole weaves in mystical characters with myths and legendary characters like the Fae and Valkyrie along with vampires werewolves and witches. The men are hot and the women are strong and complex. Plot lines are always winding and weaving leaving the reader wanting more. Great cover art too.

8. Sherrilyn Kenyon - Dark Hunter series. Love Greek gods and vampires then this series is the ticket. Kenyon blends myth and romance beautifully. You will find you have a love-hate relationship with Artemis goddess of  the hunt and her temper tantrums and love of family. You will totally go for Acheron and his band of dark-Hunters who are sexy strong and captivating. The cast of characters is long and wide in Keyon's Dark-hunter world but all is explained and as you delve into the series, it becomes easier to remember who does what and what things mean. Various Pantheons of gods and goddesses are used to bring in different characters so that there characters are not limited to just greek and roman type characters. Audiobooks here are also great and you will Love Simi! If i had the money I would so get the custom doll.

I hope that this list can provide you with some great summer reads. Let me know what authors you find addictive and love to read cover to cover almost in one sitting. 

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Moroccan Rhassoul Clay

Tuesday, May 31, 2011
Okay I'm always looking for a new natural thing to add to my arsenal of natural products for face and hair. I think I may have found a winner in Moroccan Rhassoul Clay.  Rhassoul clay comes from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco..often called Moroccan Red clay this burnt red colored clay is a wonder.  It has been used for centuries to cleanse and beautify. The clay is naturally fine and only needs the addition of water to become effective.

When I think of a clay for beauty i think of a face mask. This clay is wonderful for the face. I use about 1 tablespoon of clay to just enough water that makes a paste and apply it over my face for a mask. A thin layer is enough to give results of soft and wonderful skin after about 15 minutes. Rinse face with water and pat dry then feel that baby softness of your skin. If you have acne it also is supposed to dial it back and help eliminate. I can attest to the drying out of blemishes and the dialing back of breakouts. Complete eradication..not there yet, maybe a few more uses of the clay. The reason: Rhassoul clay is rich in minerals such as silica, magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium and sodium. It helps detoxify the skin while it exfoliates gently. It balances skin’s natural oil production, and is hydrating to dry skin and calming to oily skin.  It improves clarity, removes dead skin cells, and improves skin texture.

I've also used the clay to remove makeup. I use mineral makeup and a primer one for my face and one for my eyes so i have two products with silicone which can be difficult to remove without drug store removers or using an oil cleansing method. I'm not comfy with using oil on my eyes all the time even though it's effective, also I'm not liking having to buy cotton balls all the time or wash wash cloths over and over (laundry of an infant 4 yo and two adults is a lot already) also, I think eliminating those items is just a little more green.  Back to the Rhassoul clay. Using the Rhassoul clay as a makeup remover is amazing. Letting the clay powder become a full on clay and remove my makeup and reveal soft cleansed and balanced skin is AMAZING. My skin is soft, firm and not really in need of my nightly grapeseed oil moisturization (if i do use the grapeseed oil i use less..wow!). Also it takes me a lot less time to scrub away my makeup with the clay than it does with the oil cleansing method. This to me is a great aspect of the clay because with an infant, time is a precious commodity.

For the hair, Rhassoul clay can be used in two methods: as a cleanser and as a hair mask.  The clay is a gentle cleanser and will not strip the hair of essential oil while it cleanses strands and the scalp.  Being gentle and having anti-inflammatory properties, Rhassoul clay is said to be a great help for those with dry scalp or dandruff. As a hair mask this is great to increase volume, if you have curly hair it will help control frizz and tighten your curls ( my personal experience). Hair is soft and manageable and frizz free. Mix enough clay and water to produce a mud like consistency rub into hair and wrap with a warm towel or shower cap and leave on for about 15-20 min. wash out thoroughly with warm water.

All in all I am so pleased with the Rhassoul clay.  It's an inexpensive and multiple use clay that I am fortunate to have found.

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Beauty in a DIY manner

Saturday, May 14, 2011
Hi all:

I know it's been a REALLY long time since I have last posted but life has been very busy. Kids growing hubby changing careers and going to school and me trying to keep a float with the constant changes.  However, summer is coming ..or rather it's already here in sunny South Central Tejas as the temps are already in the 90's. I already have a tan on my arms and await the day when the rest of my body will tan in like oh 10 minutes. No fake tan necessary here.

Today I hosted the third annual Women's Spa Day at the library I work at. It's a women's day out with DIY spa treatments and a chance for ladies to relax from their hectic schedules and take time to care for themselves using beauty products made from grocery store found items.  I enjoy this program so much. It's  my big program that I put on at the library. It is so fulfilling to help other learn to relax and take moments to recharge so they can be their best not only for themselves but for others in their lives.

This year I adopted a theme to keep things a little simpler on the ingredient list. The ingredient of choice: Green Tea. I usually do 3 products the ladies can make on site and take home, then one face mask so they can take time to let the mask set and rest before closing their Spa session.

On the Spa Menu:

Green Tea Sugar Facial Scrub
Green Tea Toner
Coffee Body Scrub 
Avocado Face Mask

For the green tea Sugar Scrub i found an excellent recipe from bubzbeauty on YouTube:

I adjusted the oil of choice and used sweet almond oil for my attendees.

Green Tea is wonderful for the skin. It has antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties and can protect skin against the sun and slow the aging process. The caffeine in the tea can also help to tighten the skin giving a younger appearance.

A face scrub helps to remove dead skin from the face and increases blood flow to the face to give the skin that natural  healthy glow (think J-Lo Glo).

Next We toned the skin with a Green Tea Toner.  Here I divert from most recipes. I love Witch Hazel as a inexpensive and natural toner. Green tea when cooled can also be used as a toner by itself. In the summer for a really cooling toner freeze your brewed green tea in ice cube trays and simply remove a cube when you want to tone your skin. This is great for everyday usage. I like to add witch hazel to the mix. I love the feeling witch hazel gives the skin.

So 3 parts green tea to 1 part witch hazel. Place in bottle and gentle shake to combine. Store in cool dark place or freeze or refrigerate. Use a cotton ball to apply the liquid toner and for the cube use a paper towel so melting toner doesn't go all over your arms and clothing while applying. Kindred Spirit Mommy has a great entry in her blog about her journey with Green Tea that includes the usage of the tea ice cubes. It's a great read.

Coffee Body Scrub was next. This didn't have green Tea, but it had caffeine a plenty. I'm very loose about the recipe here because i love Epsom salts (inexpensive and great for the skin) and i love oily body scrubs.  That is, the mixtures has to be quiet wet and just luxurious. I  like to feel the oils first rather than the grains and salts or sugars of the scrub. If you don't want to much carrier oil, then just reduce the oil amount to the slushy consistency that works best for you. Happiness in your relaxing body scrub is always paramount. So I will list 2 versions and you can try one or both to see which fits you best.

Christina's Coffee Body Scrub

2 Cups Coffee Grounds (fresh or used)
1.5 cups Epsom Salts
Extra Virgin Coconut Oil or Sweet Almond Oil

Place grounds and salts into a glass jar and stir to combine.
Add as much carrier oil to dry ingrdients as you like until desired slushiness is achieved.
Place on damp skin and use gentle sweeping circular motions to increase circulation and massage body. When finished luxuriating simply rinse with warm water. Pat skin dry. Smile.

Basic Coffee Scrub Recipe:

2 cups Coffee Grounds
1/2 cup Raw Sugar or Sea Salt
2/3 tbsp Massage Oil
The first step would be to add coffee grounds, raw sugar or sea salt and massage oil, in a large mixing bowl and blend well.
Apply the above blended mixture to a damp body in a circular motion and rinse off. Finish off by applying your favorite moisturizer.

Lastly, the face mask. Face mask are used to remove impurities from the skin and impart nutrients deep down into the pores. Kinda like deep condition does for the hair. It's an intensive treatment for your face that can help to balance and nurture your skin. My mask didn't use green tea but i used the green part from the Green Tea idea and went with a Green Avocado face mask.  Avocados are rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin K, fiber, folate, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, copper and potassium. They are known to have a anti-fungal, anti-bacterial flesh that has been used for centuries.  Avocados contain oleic acid, a monounsaturated fat that may help to lower cholesterol.  They may also regulate blood pressure due their concentration of Potassium.  They can also guard against stroke, heart disease, and high blood pressure.  What's not to like? Also they make guacamole..hello! Goodness from God! 

Back to DIY beauty.

Avocado mask for my Spa Ladies i simply had them mash a half an avocado and apply directly to the face. leave on for no more than 30 min and rinse with warm water. Pat dry.  Simple goodness.

A popular partner to the avocado when making a mask for the face is honey. It is a humectant and has anti-bacterial qualities as well (for more info on honey ireferr you to the National Honey Board which has great skincare recipe along with food recipes). It adds moisture to the skin and seeks out moisture to add to the skin. Love Honey! So to one half avocado add 1 Tbs honey blend well and add to face leave on more than 30 min then rinse with warm water and pat dry.

Ladies enjoy the time you take to create and execute these simple but effective spa treatments. Making time for oneself is important. It helps you to recharge and center. Moments of solitude are important in this world on constant information, sound and sights. Relaxing helps you to be a better you and be the best you for family and friends. Relaxation is such a  vital part of a healthy lifestyle. Start in little bites. Take 5 min to your self and use the face scrub on your hands ( so much tension is in our hands with all we do everyday). The take it up a minute each time and add these spa treatments or increase your time to pray meditate or just rest. Set aside your lists and cares of the day while in your spa time or "me time" moments.

I hope my Spa Day recipes help you to pamper yourself and seek that restful moment away from everything to rejuvenate and relax.

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Nutella jewelry update

Monday, March 21, 2011
Okay so i finally put in my order to Artbeads today to make the Nutella necklace and bracelet for my Sister in-law. The only bead i wasn't able to get in 6mm was the Crystal Golden Shadow. Got it in a 4mm round and have to look else where for the 6mm b/c they r out of stock.

I'm thinking a simple 18-inch necklace with the beads hanging on a jump ring charm style. with different lengths to look more like a cluster. Something casual and fun.

Been battling with sinus infections here at the house  and the kids ad i have just been miserable. However, it looks as though we are on the mend and we have a doc's appointment set. I hope that will result in medication to ease my childrens' suffering.

ahh spring.

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Day 1 of the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog Challenge on SITS

Monday, February 21, 2011
For Women

I'm playing catchup because i just stumbled upon this site today. it is helping tremendously.

The challenge was to compose an elevator pitch for my blog.

I thought about my blog and what i had been posting lately and where I'd like the blog to go. Initially it was supposed to be for this jewelry business I was in and that i wound up hating. Then i got serious about making jewelry and recently i just haven't had the time. I'm into makeup and since there is always something new due to season (I'm a mark rep) or even a holiday or when i loose weight (my treat when i loose 2lbs or more), makeup has been a constant on the blog. I wanted to open up to my readers about myself and my family. So i want to have more sharing about my life and it gives me a reason to take more memorable pictures of the family for my readers to enjoy.

My elevator pitch came to this:

Making bling …makeup reviews..and a life as I know it.

I stay true to my original intent to blog about jewelry but include my love for makeup and anything else I happen to fancy..yay! 

My long pitch came out to really get to my heart..i really like it:

One creative gals’ journey of expression through jewelry, experimentation with all things makeup and life as I know it with my husband, kids and cats.
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Spring Essentials

           It’s easy to look great this spring, it’s all about being bold and having a softer side.   
         Here is a list of essentials that every gal should incorporate into their spring look.
  1. Lipstick: Turn up the heat with a coral or hot pink lipstick. Bold warm lips look and speak of confidence. Check out mark. Lipstick in shades Coral Fusion, and Cha Cha for $10.

  1. Blush: always an essential, cream blush for that great flush of color that looks natural. With all the bold colors of spring popping up, keep cheeks natural and light. Get that look with mark’s Just Pinched in five glowing shades for $8 each.
  1. Bronzer: summer is coming but wait, Spring! Bronzer can help with introducing a more radiant complexion for the new season, it is a great change from the winter blahs and can add that needed wakeup call to color and freshness in your makeup wardrobe. Try our Glowdacious illuminaing powder for $12 or Touch & Glow for all over glow for $15. Bronze Pro Bronzing Powder for $10.

  1. Eyeliner: the runways and magazines are packed with models sporting different eyeliner looks from purple eyeliner to variations of wings or cat-eye looks. Go classic or glam it up with color. The sky is the limit and the eyes have it. Mark’s longwearing eyeliner No Place to Run does the trick in eight gorgeous shades for $8. The new felt pen eyeliner What a Line helps achieve the perfect wings for your eyes for only $9.
    5. Eye shadow: Rich hues and pastels are coming. Pastels will help to brighten the eye, and dark colors will be great for smokey eyes. Purples & blues will rock in a change for the usual smoky eye. Marilyn Monroe used pastels in her eye shadow looks all the time. Also, see the movie Marie Antoinette with Kirsten Dunst for pastel makeup inspiration. Customize your look with I-Mark shadows $5. Contain your customized look in Custom Color Palettes ranging from $4 to $8. Get it all in one easy compact with the It Kit for $20 featuring 3 shadows, a bronzer, lipglosses and color creams for eyes lips and cheeks.

You can find all these products I mentioned at my eBoutique http://creedy.mymarkstore.com

I love spring..it’s a time for looking at life anew 
and taking bold new steps.

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Family update.

It's been a while since my last posting. It's been a lot of change in the house with the hubby starting nursing school and trying to get used to his class schedule. Lots of prayers needed to help us through this time of change and growth, but God gives us what we need and what we can handle.

The children are growing, we've registered my daughter for Pre-K to start in august. So excited and yet terrified all at the same time. She has come so far from just a small 3lbs. premie. I know school will be where she truly blossoms. My son is getting long. At 5months he's fitting into 9m clothing due to his long body and it's amazing how much he has grown and loves to play with his sister. 
Ahh my two jewels.

 Myself, trying to ride the whirl wind and emerge with an organized home. My new obsession is digital scrapbooking. so much easier and no overwhelming or as expensive as regular scrapbooking. Learning to use Paint.net open software and having fun with it. On the search for Easter shoes since i found my dress for $14.99 @ Ross. It's purple and i LOVE it!
Has yo-yo's (picture does depict exact shade of purple but this is a good example of dress detail on neckline) on the neckline and is so very MadMen. So i want a shoe that is Striking and i haven't found THE one yet.

With warmer weather coming, walking is getting to be my cardio of choice. Hoping it will help me focus and yes weight loss is an added benefit. Dropping  dress size would be sweet!

That's all for now. Glad I got a post in for this week. What topics would you like to see this year on my blog?

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Nutella..an addiction and now a new jewelry project!

Saturday, January 1, 2011
Welcome to 2011! I hope everyone's New Year was blissful and surrounded by family and friends. At home, ours was quiet and my daughter fell asleep 15 min before midnight. The infant stayed up though. My hubby and I kissed in the new year with sparkling grape juice (i'm nursing so bubbly will have to wait another year or so). New Year's is always special for the hubby and I because it's the anniversary of our first date. So it's always a romantic and special night for us when we kiss in the new year.

If you haven't had Nutella, a rich chocolaty hazelnut spread of uber goodness, then you are missing out on one of the best tastes of the world! I cannot tell you how wonderful this stuff is! It has caused a sensation in our house and has litterally spread throughout the rest of my family as a wonderful treat turned addiction. My husband equates it to that of a drug addiction and claims I'm his Nutella dealer. Whatever my darling you need  to say in order to come clean about being a Nutella-holic. That being said, my sister in-law is a nutella nut as well. In fact she's worse than i am she has the little 1/2 oz. packages in her purse! OMG and i thought my hubby was bad. Well to that end the addicition has provided me with a way to make her Bling that will go along with her love for the wonderful hazelnut spread that is Nutella.

I have found a wonderful seller on Etsy that has Nutella jar beads! Yes you read right Nutella Jar beads! I plan to make her a bracelet to celebrate her love of Nutella. This will be so cool and give me the opportunity to use some chocolate pearls and shades of Topaz and brown Swarovski crystals. My pearls are just wonderful and will look great with the theme of  chocolate.
The shade of Swarovski crystals I plan to use are the following: 
Smoked Topaz
 Crystal Golden Shadow
 Light Smoked Topaz

I think that mix will be a nice accent to the jar beads. I still need to find a clasp that will do though. Antiqued Copper would be nice and coordinating head and eyepins. This is going to be great.