Alice in wonderland

Tuesday, February 2, 2010
With the New movie Alice in wonderland set to hit theaters in March 2010,(you know the one with Johnny Depp..nuff said..anyways..) there are tons of new items on the market with an Alice theme.
I am so excited because it's always been a favorite of mine.

Let's start with the new movie itself, i love the posters coming out and movie art has always been an interest of mine. I find the artwork sometimes to be better than the trailers.

Here is fave #1
I lie this full cast poster a lot. It is set in the rose garden and the line "We're all mad here." is just wonderful. Each character does appear as though they are in their own little bubble which is great. It's dark the way a Tim Burton film i usually presented but reminds me of the child's book at the same time.

Fave poster #2

It's a Tea Party! What little girl doesn't or didn't like tea parties. I remember having them with mom and dad. Invisible tea or water for those advanced and trusted little girls. Tea parties are the best. My 3 year old daughter currently enjoys all things tea party. She has a lovely set up and I must say my hubby has had quite his fill of imaginary cakes, cookies and very sweet tea (12 lumps Daddy?).

This poster has the Caterpillar in it which for me was always the mysterious character that i was trying to figure out. It's bright it's kind of a throw back tot he traditional drawings of the original Alice in Wonderland book. I love how it has open seats invite the viewer to sit and join the mad tea party. Make sure you have a clean cup and know some riddles.

Fave poster #3

Now I've seen a few different versions of this ..this is a triptych. According to the definition of a triptych is "a set of three panels or compartments side by side, bearing pictures, carvings, or the like." This has been broken up into 3 separate movie posters if you do a Google image search for "alice in wonderland 2010 posters." Each poster is unique and grabs the audience immediately, but standing all together it makes for a truly stunning work of art. Stil youthful, but mysterious at the same time. here you can infer more of the storyline and see some of the different locations the movie will take Alice.

Promotional items:

Okay one that grabbed me right away was the Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland eyeshadow Palette at Sephora. It looks like a little dark jewelry box. The colors are stunning and the artwork inside the box surrounding the mirror takes my breath away. It also comes with eye eyeliners and a mini UDPP. So very grown-up but reminiscent of a little girls jewelry box. At $52 it's a whimsical investment. Sephora store are also hosting an Alice in wonderland make-over party I signed up and hope to have a ton of fun. It's on February 20th. check your local Sephora store for details.

O.P.I. is another company with a taste for the maddness! When you go to their site they have a full page ad for the new nail lacquers inspired by the movie. My fave of this set is "Off with Her Red!" There is also a contest they are running witha grand prize of a JCP salon gift card and the entire set of Alice in Wonderland inspired nail Lacquers.

This is just so cool from Tetley Teas Canada. They are having a Mad Hatter Tea Party contest. The prize is amazing including everything you need to throw a grand tea party and watch Tv in style with a brand new Panasonic system.

Books to go with the Alice in Wonderland theme:

Check your local library for these entertaining books.

I love these books by Frank Beddor. He too is trying to make them into a movie series but with Burton's film out who knows where this is going. However the books are FAbulous! The series is called The Looking Glass Wars. It is the true story of what really happened to Alyss Heart of Wonderland. According to this series Carroll got everything wrong. It's an adventure series filled with really cool elements and unforgettable characters who are both familiar and very different from the Carroll version of Wonderland.

The Annotated Alice: The Definitive Edition

by Lewis Carroll is a compendium of information straight from the author and lets the reader in on the nuances of Victorian jokes, lifestyle and jargon so that one can better understand the novel he wrote. The book itself is a decadent addition to any library. It's strong red cover with intricate edging detailing just makes the fingers itch to open it and dive into the world of Alice.

I hope this has you excited to see the movie and dive into wonderland. I know I am!

Until next time!

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