Underwear..Foundation Garments....flatter your figure from the inside out

Tuesday, October 25, 2011
I was dress shopping today for my Christmas dress. Yes i understand Christmas is still a ways a ways, however, I plan ahead and hate a crowded store so shopping ahead of time is always a plus for me. I did find some dresses I liked. The Mad Men cable show has had such a positive influence on fashion and has embraced clothing that shows curve and is feminine via character Joan Holloway.

I love how she has real curves and a real bustline. Christina Hendricks is just so buxom and gorgeous. The fashions she wears in the show make me go gaga. I love the jewel tones and the hip huggin fit. The length is perfect for curvy gals with the majority of the outfits hitting the knee.  There is just something about an exposed knee that can be very sexy and not trashy.

So with all these dresses hitting the scene since the series hit the air I have been stocking up on dresses of this type. So one of my fave types of ways to dress.  However, pulling off a dress like this does take some effort when you happen to be a curvy gal. I remember an interview with Hendricks where she had to learn about the foundation garments that help to polish Joan visually.  It reminded me of the movie Pleasantville with Reese Witherspoon where she complained about wearing 50lbs of underwear and that she might kill someone with the pointy boobs. I always marveled at how much underwear went into making a polished look. It is something that i think is often neglected today where mega skinny is the way of life and mujeres con curves get pushed to the back.

Foundation garments are another way of saying shapewear. They are garments that help to smooth, lift, and tighten, and in some cases minimize the body so that one can present the best shape possible in a given garment. Think about a wedding gown or even a prom gown. These are two times in a woman's life when we truly concentrate on foundation garments to help us look our best on these important days. Well, foundation garments also help us to look fab when wearing dresses for work or for any occasion. I found some vintage explanation of such garments on Couture Allure Vintage Fashion Blog.  The one in particular i really appreciated was the garments for the sheath dress. There was a strapless bra and a high waisted girdle to bring in the hips and flatten and control the tummy. What gal couldn't use some help there. The contraption may look uncomfy but hey ladies if we can wear 5" heels during the day, then we can wear shapewear to help present a better picture of ourselves in a dress.

Spankx help alot with being able to present a more flattering figure when wearing dresses and more form fitting garments. However, don't discount the need for a long line bra and high waisted girdle..yes girdle.  Rago makes really good quality shapewear that is fantastic in it's construction and durability. Less expensive shapewear can ride up or roll down and this stuff does not. Herroom.com has the Rago line and presents some reasonable prices. also check Retailmenot.com for further discount coupon codes. 

Taking the time to put on foundation garments can help you to lift your bust, smooth you tummy and improve your posture and improve your appearance in a garment. It's worth a try and can even be sexy. Go for the Mad Men curvacious body of Joan. You're soo worth it.

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