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Saturday, December 20, 2008
PhotobucketBling on the New Year
with FREE Bonus Items!

For a limited time in January, I am extending to my customers a FREE bonus item when they make a minimum purchase of $30 plus and thier $12 bonus item by giving them a SECOND bonus item FREE!

Place a $60 order and purchase two $12 Bonus items and choose a THIRD Bonus item FREE!
Place a $90 order and purchase three $12 Bonus Items and choose a FOURTH Bonus Item FREE!

This for a limited time so contact me to get in on this awesome promotion!

For the Hostess:

Qualify for double the shopping credit! Instead of getting $20 per customer order at your party, get $40 shopping credit per order! Ask me how you can get double the BLING in JANUARY!
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Designer Looks for Less - Bling it OUT!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008
Let's do some comparison shopping!

On Shopnbc.com, the Samuel Benham collection is stunning. The pieces are luxurious and stunning. Let's take a look at a few.

This beautiful pendant was listed for almost $210 before shipping. It's gorgeous detailing and is a statement maker. Compare it to our Signature Pendant at $76 and we have a savings of $134! What a difference. It also comes with our lifetime guarantee and if purchased as a bonus item can be yours for only $12 (a savings of $198). The colors are also limited to a choice of two stones, where as the Park Lane Signature Series comes in 5 different stone colors to suit your fashion needs. Topaz, Amethyst, Ruby, Jet and Pink.

At Kay Jewelers I found these beautiful earrings for $150 available in white and yellow gold. What a nice pair for that up coming party or to throw in some glamor into a weekday outfit.

Our version of these earrings, called Whisper will in either silver or gold tone can be yours for just $15 or 10% of the Kay price! What a steal! The designer look with out the designer price!

You could get Whisper in both colors and still not have paid as much for the one set. That is what I call shopping wisely.

Another hot designer is John Hardy. His creations are simply stunning. On a trip to Neiman Marcus, you can find his jewelry running from the low $200 to almost $2000 range. Very nice work and it's lovely. I was just salivating over the craftsmanship and the attention to detail.

The Kali bracelet that runs for a modest $495 at Neiman Marcus. It's chic, modern and would go with anything from jeans to that perfect black cocktail dress.

The Jewels By Park Lane has a designer inspired version of the Kali called Wild One. At the price of $59 it is the look for less and at a savings of $436! There is more to the set and it can best be seen in the catalog so just look for the Box.net widget on this page on the left hand side and download the 2008 catalog to view it on page 17. You will not be disappointed.

You can get the look for less and still have money to put in the bank. You can do it with Jewels by Park Lane. Place an order or host a party. Your jewelry is waiting for you!

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From the Earth to Beautiful Bauble: Marcasite

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Marcasite is a natural mineral used in jewelry. It is a light and brittle mineral that is often mistaken for pyrite. Pyrite and marcasite have the same chemical formula, but different crystal system, thereby making them two separate minerals. In jewelry, pyrite is used as a gem while marcasite is not. It is a mined stone and when used in jewelry, marcasite is cut and shaped very much like diamonds.

For our lovely collection of Marcasite you can look for the names of these lovely pieces:



(one of my personal favorites)

Le Cabaret

on our ring pages pages we have

Reign (gorgeous on any right hand)

Santa Cruz Ring
Antique Lace Ring
Legacy earrings
Antiquity Pin
Introduced in May 2008, we have a beautiful set called Dreamscape a beautiful necklace and earrings which has both marcasite and onyx to make a lovely art deco set that is timeless.

o place an order or for more information on JBPL contact me or use the order form at the top left of the page.
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December is Here! Check out our Blingn' Specials

Friday, December 5, 2008


Let's give a cheer to December! Its time to cleebrate and give thanks for all that we have and all we love. As we come to the close of 2008 let's do it in style. This months' specials will help you do that. Add some pizzaz and sparkle to your holiday wardobe and share the Bling with others.

For the Hostess:

This month Jewels by Park Lane debuts the Showgirls bracelet!

For Hostesses Only… Itʼs SHOWGIRL!
Take center-stage wearing Showgirl! Channel-set sparkling cubic
zirconias encircle this shimmering, shiny silver bangle bracelet that
fastens with a safety-lock clasp. One is stunning, but wearing Showgirl in
multiples will deliver an encore performance!

Hostess Bonus Buy!
By holding a show totaling at least $175 net sales, a hostess may
purchase one Showgirl bracelet (#10481) for just $19.00 plus tax.
In fact, the hostess may purchase one Showgirl bracelet
for EVERY $200 in net show sales!

Showgirl for FREE!
With a show totaling net sales of $800 plus one dated booking, the
hostess receives one Showgirl bracelet for FREE! (#1001)
That would mean one for free and the option to purchase
up to 4 more for just $19.00 each!

Customer Special
Gifts GaloreCustomer Special

To close out 2008 and kickoff 2009, we’ve assembled an exciting array of super-popular Bonus Buys. Each and every dramatically discounted!

In addition to the matching value Bonus Items for $12.00, your customer may make one selection from the Gifts Galore brochure for every $30.00 net they purchase.

For example, a customer with a $90 net order may buy three items from Gifts Galore. With a $120 net order, they may buy four Gifts Galore items. The Gifts Galore selections are non-commissionable and should be entered on the bottom of the order form in the Bonus Item section. Of course, qualified customers are also entitled to matching value Bonus Items based on their net purchases.

Everyone will be clamoring to qualify for as many of these super deals as they can get! They also make great stocking stuffers.

Both of these Brochures are also available in my Box.net widget in the upper left hand corner.

This is in addition to the already great customer purchase program and the Hostess benefits. Check those out in my widget. To submit an order use the order form right above the box.net