Handmade jewelry

Friday, February 13, 2009

I had event i was going to and the jewelry i was looking for didn't exist or wasn't at the price i wanted so what I did was make my own necklace and earrings for the night.

As you can see in the picture the dress is quite nice.

I hadn't made my own jewelry in quite a while but it only took me 20 minutes to whip together the necklace and earrings. I love making jewelry there is just something so wonderful about creating with your hands that is so satisfying.
I decided to call the set Flair. It has

faceted Czech beads in black and clear and I did a set of tiered illusion earrings in coordinating beads. It really catches light well and looked stunning.

I am thinking about picking up beading again and creating some wonderful peices. I am currently in the works of a set that will have beautiful bronze potato pearls and red wine looking Czech glass beads that have a wonderful AB coloring to them. it's going to be a multi-strand necklace and i'm still working outthe earrings and a multistrand bracelet.

I would love to incoporate some druzy gemstone into the focal points of the bracelet just have to look out for ones that go with my color pallette.

I will be posting other things that i have made and may open up an etsy store or one on ecrater. Please contact me if youhave any requests or would liek to place an order. Oh how I love jewelry!

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