Day 1 of the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog Challenge on SITS

Monday, February 21, 2011
For Women

I'm playing catchup because i just stumbled upon this site today. it is helping tremendously.

The challenge was to compose an elevator pitch for my blog.

I thought about my blog and what i had been posting lately and where I'd like the blog to go. Initially it was supposed to be for this jewelry business I was in and that i wound up hating. Then i got serious about making jewelry and recently i just haven't had the time. I'm into makeup and since there is always something new due to season (I'm a mark rep) or even a holiday or when i loose weight (my treat when i loose 2lbs or more), makeup has been a constant on the blog. I wanted to open up to my readers about myself and my family. So i want to have more sharing about my life and it gives me a reason to take more memorable pictures of the family for my readers to enjoy.

My elevator pitch came to this:

Making bling …makeup reviews..and a life as I know it.

I stay true to my original intent to blog about jewelry but include my love for makeup and anything else I happen to fancy..yay! 

My long pitch came out to really get to my heart..i really like it:

One creative gals’ journey of expression through jewelry, experimentation with all things makeup and life as I know it with my husband, kids and cats.
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Spring Essentials

           It’s easy to look great this spring, it’s all about being bold and having a softer side.   
         Here is a list of essentials that every gal should incorporate into their spring look.
  1. Lipstick: Turn up the heat with a coral or hot pink lipstick. Bold warm lips look and speak of confidence. Check out mark. Lipstick in shades Coral Fusion, and Cha Cha for $10.

  1. Blush: always an essential, cream blush for that great flush of color that looks natural. With all the bold colors of spring popping up, keep cheeks natural and light. Get that look with mark’s Just Pinched in five glowing shades for $8 each.
  1. Bronzer: summer is coming but wait, Spring! Bronzer can help with introducing a more radiant complexion for the new season, it is a great change from the winter blahs and can add that needed wakeup call to color and freshness in your makeup wardrobe. Try our Glowdacious illuminaing powder for $12 or Touch & Glow for all over glow for $15. Bronze Pro Bronzing Powder for $10.

  1. Eyeliner: the runways and magazines are packed with models sporting different eyeliner looks from purple eyeliner to variations of wings or cat-eye looks. Go classic or glam it up with color. The sky is the limit and the eyes have it. Mark’s longwearing eyeliner No Place to Run does the trick in eight gorgeous shades for $8. The new felt pen eyeliner What a Line helps achieve the perfect wings for your eyes for only $9.
    5. Eye shadow: Rich hues and pastels are coming. Pastels will help to brighten the eye, and dark colors will be great for smokey eyes. Purples & blues will rock in a change for the usual smoky eye. Marilyn Monroe used pastels in her eye shadow looks all the time. Also, see the movie Marie Antoinette with Kirsten Dunst for pastel makeup inspiration. Customize your look with I-Mark shadows $5. Contain your customized look in Custom Color Palettes ranging from $4 to $8. Get it all in one easy compact with the It Kit for $20 featuring 3 shadows, a bronzer, lipglosses and color creams for eyes lips and cheeks.

You can find all these products I mentioned at my eBoutique

I love’s a time for looking at life anew 
and taking bold new steps.

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Family update.

It's been a while since my last posting. It's been a lot of change in the house with the hubby starting nursing school and trying to get used to his class schedule. Lots of prayers needed to help us through this time of change and growth, but God gives us what we need and what we can handle.

The children are growing, we've registered my daughter for Pre-K to start in august. So excited and yet terrified all at the same time. She has come so far from just a small 3lbs. premie. I know school will be where she truly blossoms. My son is getting long. At 5months he's fitting into 9m clothing due to his long body and it's amazing how much he has grown and loves to play with his sister. 
Ahh my two jewels.

 Myself, trying to ride the whirl wind and emerge with an organized home. My new obsession is digital scrapbooking. so much easier and no overwhelming or as expensive as regular scrapbooking. Learning to use open software and having fun with it. On the search for Easter shoes since i found my dress for $14.99 @ Ross. It's purple and i LOVE it!
Has yo-yo's (picture does depict exact shade of purple but this is a good example of dress detail on neckline) on the neckline and is so very MadMen. So i want a shoe that is Striking and i haven't found THE one yet.

With warmer weather coming, walking is getting to be my cardio of choice. Hoping it will help me focus and yes weight loss is an added benefit. Dropping  dress size would be sweet!

That's all for now. Glad I got a post in for this week. What topics would you like to see this year on my blog?

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