New Blog Layout

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New blog layout. Wanted something more clean and open. So to Etsy I ran. Looked and looked. My original thought was to do something with pink in it. But then i found this template by SplendidSparrow.

It had colors I had previously used and was brighter than what i had before. Time to make a change and to purchasing i went. PLUS i LOVE damask patterns! This is just perfect!

I have rearranged some of my gadgets and widgets but i do love the new layout and installing was quite easy. (yes i had my fingers crossed as i clicked on save new template) Even my husband noted the nice change and how it looks some much more clean and open.

The designer Teresa is very nice. Here is a bit of info about her from her Esty page:

Hi there! I'm Teresa -- most call me Reese. I'm a graphic, web & blog designer from the East Coast. I currently work with the Blogger and Wordpress (self hosted) platforms. That being said, I would certainly be able to create design elements that you can implement with other platforms - note me if you're interested.

To view more of my work, please visit me at - my design site & portfolio, where I offer many more premade templates.

Thank you so much for stopping by.

Visit her website you will NOT be dissappointed. I just have the blog button to change and that's all to that.

Hope you like the new look!
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New silver hoop earrings

Friday, June 25, 2010
I have been looking all over for new sterling silver hoop earrings for years. None really ever tickled my fancy and if they did they were out of budget.

I wanted a mid sized silver hoop that could go with everything. When I get or am gifted hoop earrings they must go with everything and have to be pure silver or pure gold in order to withstand being on in the shower and sleeping in them. Yes i sleep with earrings, a watch and bracelet on. My mom used to have bangles on...try that ..every time she moved you could hear the light tinkling of the bangles and bracelets. That was when I was little, I think she only has on one or two bracelets now.
So my search has been going on for a long time. It's not like i don't have a pair already but they are my great grandmother's handed down to me and the latch needs to be adjusted so i don't want to loose a 4 generation heirloom. so the search became a lil more important.

well looking for a suit to interview in while being prego (yeah exactly..not happening) i decided to give up and buy just earrings to go with an outfit i had at home already. At JCPenny they had tremendous sales and i found a gorgeous pair of Sterling silver hoop earrings at a ridiculous percentage off. The original price was $35 and i got them for $10 including the tax! How insane is that!

They are simple, lightweight and just what i needed. Just goes to show that you can find great value and quality during times of fashion distress. They came in a few different sizes and they were all at really good prices.

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Mark magalog #7

Monday, June 21, 2010

Okay all the new Magalog for mark is here!
The campaign runs from Tuesday 06/22/2010 to Tuesday 07/20/2010

Here is the full onlinemagalog:

It's very exciting. There are some great specials going on!

The full-sized mask is a $9 value FREE when you spend $16 in skincare products.
Choose from TheShine Fighter Oil-Control Mask and the Calm Yourself Hydrating mask:

I like the Shine fighter with summer oily skin happening because it has: kaolin clay, a natural, oil-absorbing clay. Apricot, rich in vitamins A and C, which protects the skin against environmental damage.

Get perfect skin from head to toe!

Gorgeous skin is a must for summer.
Get that glow with mark skincare and the Anti-Acne skincare line.

Back Me Up is a spray specially made for treating acne and other body acne. It also contains apple and cinnamon extracts, plus salicylic acid. The bottle is specially made to allow easy spraying on the body- even if it's held upside down! This will be $10.

Another addition to the line is Blemish Banisher ($12). They are medicated, soaked pads; they contain apple and cinnamon extracts, as well as salicylic acid. These are great for on-the-go use. Just keep the container with you on vacation and use it. All you do is wipe down your face, and you're good to go! It also contains glycolic acid and alpha hydroxy acid that exfoliates the skin for a smooth appearance! You get 50 soaked pads for $12.00. By the way, these are GREAT for guys! They're already ready; all you do is swipe it over the face. Unscented, and easy to use. These are most effective after cleansing, before you apply Break Out Plan lotion!

Break Out Plan is a revolutionary formula that is a lightweight gel lotion. It contains apple extract and cinnamon extract, but is unscented. It also contains 1.5% salicylic acid, a drying agent that helps clear up blemishes! It's appropriate for all skin types, but is specially formulated for blemish prone skin. This moisturizer also helps reduce the redness commonly associated with acne! $16

So with mark's new specials and anti-acne additions you are covered for the summer.

more info to come.

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Concrete Minerals Electric Eye Primer Review

Friday, June 4, 2010

Okay sick of paying almost $20 for UDPP in sin. It's great stuff but, the price is not so great especially when you consider that one cannot get all the product out even with the angled wand. Ugh! makes me so mad.
So to Etsy i went. Looking for a primer that didn't crease, was cost effective, and make my eyeshadow pop!
I use both loose minerals and regular pot eyeshadow so it need it to work great for both.

I saw a few that looked like just wax in a tin and was not happy with just looking at them. Then, after a few searches, Concrete Minerals kept popping up in my searches. At $8.99, this primer was in my budget. Shipping $2.99 yay!

Concrete Minerals: out of Southern California by Emily, here is her bio from Etsy:

Hey, I'm Emily, founder of Concrete Minerals! I spent years working in the natural cosmetics industry helping great companies reach much-deserved success, so I knew better than most the many benefits of mineral makeup. Yet something was missing that couldn't quite force me to completely abandon my beloved, if over-priced, Sephora brands. Something about the neutral, lifeless colors of mineral makeup made me feel so indescribably bored.

So I created Concrete Minerals! A company hellbent to create sexy, richly-pigmented mineral makeup that's not only healthy, but reminds us why being a girl is badass! We should never feel burdened by makeup, we should cherish the opportunity to play with it!

We believe in quality over quantity. We'll release our newest colors only when we're as crazy about them as we want you to be.

Concrete Minerals products contain no nonsense, commonly referred to as:
:: Parabens
:: Fragrances
:: Dyes
:: Nano-particles
:: Bismuth Oxychloride, Talc or other cheap fillers

Whether you've already made the switch to mineral makeup, or you're looking for one final, good reason, welcome to Concrete Minerals! Bold, sexy and unique, just like the girls who love us!

♥ Emily

What I also loved about Concrete Minerals was thier money back guarantee. She basically states that if you hate the product she will let the buyer exchange it or refund your purchase. Not many sellers say this up front especially with cosmetics.

The product comes in a cute tin and is about .35 oz of product just a little more than UDPP at .34 oz for the regular size. It has a bit of shimmer not as much as sin but that's fine with me b/c sometimes sin is overkill.

The ingredients are: Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone/Vinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Beeswax, Dimethicone, Silicon Dioxide, Hydrogenated Polyisobutene

This produces a very silky, light weight, and lush primer. Just a little bit of this primer is necessary to make you r eyeshadow pop and look really vibrant. It also lasts all day. It's about 11pm tonight and my eyeshadow is still great looking and there's no creases. I've had it on since about 9am this morning. That's no creases even in 90 plus degree weather plus humidity in south central Tejas. The only down side for me was that i can't use cream shadows with this effectively. Cream shadows are not great for me in generals b/c i have oily skin but i keep trying anyways. One day they will make cream shadows for us oily skin gals.

Anyways, this is a GREAT primer and at less than UDPP via (including shipping) this is a keeper! Yay ConcreteMinerals!

find her on

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Summer dresses ..comfy and inexpensive.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010
Summertime is usually the best time for wearing light dresses that are flirty and comfy. I don't believe you have to spend a lot to find a fab summer dress. and in fact I've been loving what is available ta Walmart from the Faded Glory Collection. I have bought 5 dresses that are just comfy and all under $20 each.

Faded Glory Crochet-Trim Dress: $12

This dress is available at Walmart and for only $12. It's lightweight cotton and totally breathable. I layer it with a Faded glory Tank ( $3.50 on sale $5 regular price) and a pair of cute sandals and I'm ready for the day.
The item description:
Item Description

  • Cotton voile
  • Color-match crochet trim
  • Wrap-style V-neck with embroidery
  • Adjustable straps
  • Smocked back
  • Banded empire waist
  • Ruffle-trim hem
  • It comes in four colors, Turquoise, Purple, Pink, and black. I have the Turquoise and Purple one. They are roomy and especially since I'm prego now going a size up usually helps with belly fit. when I'm not prego, these are true to size and just wonderful to stock up on since the colors are gorgeous.

    Faded Glory Ruffle Dress: $9

    Could not find a picture for this dress. It has a lettuce ruffle neckline and the same trim on the arm holes. a slightly cinched center for gentle pleats down the center and under the bust line which is really flattering. Racer Back cut in the back Hits just at the end of the knee. Made from 100% organic cotton. Then it gently a-lines out. Very soft and light. It comes in Red, Navy, Kelly Green and i think pink and Purple ( was looking for other colors since i already had a purple dress in my hand). At $9 this dress is a steal! With this dress laying it with a cardi or wearing it plain make a great summer picnic outfit or great for casual Friday.

    Next two dresses are Maternity dress only available on i wish they were in store, It would be so nice.

    Maternity Sleeveless Empire Dresses: $18
    This dress has ruffled sleeve and a great v-neck cut to enhance the bust line. The fabric is jersey knit so it's ultra-comfy! True to pre-prego size this is a great dress to wear! No complaints here. comes in three colors: Royal Blue, Fuschia, and Black. Great basics to build on.

    Maternity Sleeveless Ruffle Scoop Dress: $18 but on clearance for $14

    This dress is described as:

  • Scoop neck with 2-tier ruffle trim
  • Sleeveless
  • Elasticized empire waist
  • Mid-calf length
  • As with the first maternity dress it has that jersey knit feel and is uber comfy. The ruffled trim at the bottom is flirty and even sexy. Has great appeal when you walk and bounces. I can still seem my lower half so yeah i makes me very happy. It comes in Red, Royal Blue and Pretty Purple. I bought the dress for the original price of $18 and it is now on clearance for $14. Under $20 and a great purchase when compared to some other bands which start at $40 for dresses, I'm happy.

    Checkout the cotton dresses at Walmart they have a great selection and are perfect for summer. Dress them up or wear them plain great additions to any closet.

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