REVLON Colorburst Lip Butter review

Monday, July 30, 2012
I love the new balms by Revlon and L'oreal that are out!  They are creamy and soft and butter and provide just the color level i need.  Today's review is about the Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter.  I got the shades: Strawberry Shortcake and Cotton Candy.

Got them at Ulta on a BOGO special.  Very happy about that.  I needed some nice pinks that were not feeling heavy on my's too hot here in Tejas to have heavy lipstick on, but gloss is too light. Thank goodness for the Colorburst Balm.  They are creamy, pigmented, light and moisturizing.  It has shea, coconut and mango butters that make it ultra moisturizing.

Here is the swatch:

On the left is Cotton Candy, on the right, Strawberry Shortcake.
I really love the creamy pink of Strawberry shortcake.  It's dreamy and so girly.  Cotton Candy shows up on me as a pink that has a hit of gold shimmer. It's got a more sheer application and looks delicate and fun.  Both made me smile. 

The balms run about $7.49 on Ulta and I've seen them for lower at Target and a few other places. Also don't forget you can get $1 off coupons on like ebay ( got like 6 $1 off coupons from ebay for like $2 bucks).   So that will make even more savings! 

What I like about these over the L'Oreal balms is that these have a longer staying power. I love the L'Oreal, they have a nice silky feel too, but the pigmentation of the Revlon is much better. So want to get more of these balms.

Great buy for hits of color and moisture!

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My Fave Android Apps

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I have been reading so many lists of apps that are fantabulous for one thing or another and I wanted to add my two cents in.I am so thrilled with my android phone. It is just too much fun being able to do a bunch of things in addition to calling, texting and emailing. I have a small list of apps that I heart, but they are goodies.

1. I Heart Radio: I love this one simply because I can listen to radio stations in NYC (aka home) while i put on my makeup.  103.5 KTU is my fave station.

2. Overdrive: This is awesome! I can dl audiobooks and eBooks from my public library and listen to them on the phone.  I hook it up to my car and have an audiobook streaming through my car speakers. Right now I'm finishing up Clive Cussler's Devil's Gate a Kurt Austin novel. Scott Brick is a great narrator.  DLing MP3s (not WMAs at this time) takes a bit of time but I usually DL audiobooks overnight so it doesn't interfere with regular day operations.

3. Kobo: This app is wonderful since I own a Kobo and this syncs with my Kobo for PC as well as any books I purchase at the KoboBooks site.  I love the new bookmark feature, which as a holdings editor (those who edit records and delete worn/damaged books from the library collection) and bibliophile I hate in physical books...I'm talking about dog earring corners of is great within the app features. You just touch the right corner of the screen and a small green dog ear appears. Tap again and it releases. No more waiting for a large green bookmark to drop down. The social aspect of the app i have not gotten into. when it coems to eBooks i'm very simple..Dl and read.  Love tech stuff at the library but off duty, I keep it simple...gets me thru my books quickly.  reviews can be accomplished on GoodReads.

4. Pandora: For when i get bored of I heart Radio. Try applying gel liner while dancing to salsa music..not pretty.

5. Zinio: Love this one. I got a wonderful offer for a year of Oxygen magazine for $5 thru Zinio. I love the PC reader. The app is even better because i have Oxygen on the go when i want to read it. Dling is a bit slow like audiobooks so best to plug it in and let it dl that way but I love the interface and how easy it is to read Oxygen or any of the free magazines Zinio offers. It sorts by date or title (so appeals to my library side) and it's just easy to read and work with.

6. Groupon: Love it! I get notifications on my phone and i can also still get updated via email but, the app is easier and i can purchase right then and there. Great for Red Robin dinners last minute when nobody feels like cooking.

7. mark. Mobile: I'm a mark. rep and it's cute app to shop and let others shop right on my phone and get orders in. It still needs a bit of tweeking but it's manageable enough. I love the pink all over the mobile site.

8. FreeGal Music: Another library app that is fab. Choose 3 free Mp3 downloads a week from the vast Sony music database. Dling is fast and searching for songs can be be accomplished through a search box or looking at the top 10 lists. Fun!

9. Workout Trainer by Skimble: This is a great free app that has a pro option, but i like the free account just fine for now. when I'm too tired or sore to slap on a video i can do a HIIT workout through Workout Trainer and get in a quick and hard workout. They have workouts sorted by likes, body part and length of time. There is a voice that will let you know when to prep for the next move and you can preview the workout movements before committing to a workout. 

10. You are Your Own Gym: This app costs $1.99 but is a good one. Based on the best selling book by hottie, Mark Lauren, this app takes his book a step further and allows for no excuses. No book fine..the app has all the moves and then some. Has the movements that start at semi-easy, go to semi-hard to hard ones for the really fit and strong. Cuing is a bit better here. Variations are also given and pictures are clear.  Select the Training tool and find circuits from beginner to elite and then configure the amount of time you want to dedicate to the HIIT workout and off you go. Bodyweight workouts are great.

No, I cold not do just a list of 10...

11. Word Drop: this is fun spelling game. Balls fall down you create a word and 5 more letters fall down in the screen. The object is to create longer words so you don't have a pile that breeches the blue line at the top of the screen. Letters do not have to be adjacent like in Bookworm and there are puzzle and panic games if you like to beat a clock. Great way to pass time at the DMV and such.

12. EBSCOhost: Ah... the best for last.  If you need to do research, EBSCO is one of my fave brands for databases. Easy interface and great features. But oh, what if i don't have my laptop and wish to recall a few articles in my "folder?" Enter the EBSCO app. You can search, sign in and access your folder and articles all on you smartphone. You get a free 9 month key from the bottom of the EBSCOhost database interface (try your local library site or if you are with an academic institution that carries EBSCohost login in on PC or laptop thru there. Have the key emailed to you and then download the app and sign-in in with the key.  It's pretty cool having a resource that powerful on your phone. LOVE it!

I hope you like my list. There are a few more but I'll save that for another entry.  Let me know what are your faves and if you have any recommendations for apps that are fun or interesting.

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Scalp Scrub Equals Fluffy Soft Shiney Hair

Wednesday, July 11, 2012
OMg! I am so happy.  I can't even begin to tell you all what i have stumbled upon.  So, here is my story:

I have curly hair.  Most days it is blown straight to be able to make my life easier and not have to spend a ton of money on product.  The oils in my hair take a while to bounce back so when straight i can go for about a week without washing my hair.  I love that.  However, product buildup and natural buildup of oil and dead skin cells from my scalp are a problem. so I was thinking okay i need to go to the dollar store and get some suave clarifying shampoo.  Problem with that is that i have to deep condition due to the extreme stripping of oils and then the whole buildup thing starts all over. 

So being the fantastic searching gal i am, I stared looking for another solution. Then i remembered, when I'm stressed I heart scalp massages. Not only are they calming but they really make my scalp clean as a whistle and tingly!  So searching how to do a scalp massage without a conditioner or product i have to pay a ton for.  I started seeing recipes for jojoba oil, however i never have jojoba oil on hand.  I'm currently having a love affair with grape seed oil though.  The recipe i found said to use brown sugar and jojoba oil and i wondered if grape seed oil could do the same.

The search continued...

Lo and behold..ladies and gents..yes it can be!  Where did i find this miracle piece of information? well, right here in San Antonio!  There is this beautiful spa called.. Dasa Spa on the Riverwalk.  For $30 they will do a warm oil infusion scalp treatment.

Here is the exact verbage:
      "Using warm aromatic oil on your scalp and hair, the therapist works to release tension and restriction in the neck and scalp. The grapeseed oil stabilizes collagen and elasticity of hair and skin, providing youthfulness, hydration, and nourishment. (For massage as well)
15 min. $30"


Well..that was enough for me.  Maybe for my birthday I'll get a warm scalp massage done at Dasa, but for now home it is.

So my recipe:

Please adjust quantities to your liking.

1/2 cup Grapeseed oil (the greener the better...the lighter the more processed it is)
1/4 cup Brown sugar ( I like dark brown sugar)

If you like gently warm the oil before use.  I did it cold.
You will want to apply this mixture in the shower.
Mix well then apply to scalp after dampening hair.  massage in circles allover scalp.
Exfoliate behind ears and onto the neck.

Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to make it all smell nice.   If you have left over scrub you can use it on your face and body.  Be gentle on the face, very very light pressure will polish the skin just fine.

After you have massaged your scalp, rinse away the scrub with warm water and follow your normal shampoo routine.  Your hair should be super soft.

Myself, i shampooed with the Geranium Ylang shampoo from Manor Hall Soap Company. No conditoner necessary with all the oils i added to my hair. Then combed out my locks after it dried a little and went to bed with my hair fanned out on my pillow.

Woke up the next morning with super curly, bouncy and shiny hair.  I've never had all 3 @ the same time!  BTW with my hair very soft and nourished i didn't need any gel or product and my curls are holding strong 3 days later.  This is awesome!

Skin was soft all over from using the scrub on the body and face.

So find some good grapeseed oil and have an at home spa day. Let me know how it works out for you.

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Mineral Foundation Transformer

Thursday, January 5, 2012
Happy Ano Nuevo y'all!
I hope that the new year ushers in new goals and challenges and memorable moments for you all. My new year was spent quietly with my family. While the baby slept me and the hubby and my daughter who woke up to the sound of fireworks, had glasses of sparkling cider.  It was quiet and wonderful as she watched the vivid colors of the fireworks illuminate the night. 

Today I'm reviewing, a God send of a liquid that I purchased on Etsy via AceNaturals that makes any powder mineral foundation into a liquid foundation.  I recently have noticed that even with exfoliating the apples of my cheeks were getting dry patches and it was very revealing when i used my powder mineral foundation.  Even though i do moisturize with Argan oil and prime using mark. Primed for Perfection, my cheeks were still drying out. This was quite disturbing that despite all my efforts my skin still was not receiving enough moisture.  So the search for a liquid mineral foundation began...much to my dismay.  I abhor looking for foundation. It's a lot of testing and disappointment and frustration..not to mention a lot of monetary investment , even if it is samples. One and two dollars here and there really adds up. 

However, I pressed on, looking at sellers on Etsy who made liquid foundation, established indie companies that had their own line of LMF (liquid Mineral Foundation) and much to my dismay were the ingredients. I love PMF (Powder Mineral Foundation) because of the lack of ingredients. I in my current foundation there are 5 ingredients, all safe and lovely. In the light formulation of it there are 6 but again all stuff i trust and know won't harm my skin.  when liquid is added to PMF the issue of preservation becomes strongly apparent. Keeping the soft creamy feel of the foundation also is another issue and blending and not settling in fine lines etc..all the hassles of traditional liquid makeup comes back (of which i heartily tossed when making the switch to MMU year ago).

Ingredient lists get longer and more complex. Not the route I wanted to go. So i looked to see if there was a mist or a liquid by itself i could add to my PMF that would help.  Lots of sites suggest a mist of filtered water to set the makeup, but i hate misting my face.  Not a feeling i want everyday, plus it would ruin my hair in the process. Curly hair gals have enough to deal with. There were a couple of mixing mediums but the paraben preservatives immediately disqualified them.

Enter AceNaturals. Founder and owner of Organic Mobile Tanning, Erik Ace in Miami Florida, is an esthetician student and  handmakes all his products.  He has this liquid that is a mixture of oils which, when combined with PMF, creates a creamy luscious liquid foundation. The bottle of oils sells for $5.99. So, a small investment and oils, which work with my skin such as avocado, carrot and chamomile seed oils- all of which are great for the skin no matter your condition- how could i be dissapointed?

When it arrived in the mail I was so excited! Here is this small bottle of liquid gold that will help my face. The bottle was shrink wrapped and  came with a paper of detailed instructions and a small .15cc measuring scoop for my PMF.  The mixture of oils is silky smooth. When you follow the directions and incorporate with the PMF the result is a creamy, luxe combination of MMU. I didn't think this small scoop of PMF would cover my face but it does! The LMF glides on and sets to a powder finish that is light and barely detectable. My face felt soft, moisturized and lines were not visible. Remember, I do moisturize and prime before.  I also put on a very light dusting of finishing powder. Still had my glow from my foundation and the bennies of a liquid..yay! Great day in the Nation!

Test run was a girls nite with a friend and it was a great test run. My makeup didn't itch, my friend said I had good coverage and it looked great. Wasn't shiny and i didn't feel like i had a layer of stuff on my face!

So this Powder to Liquid Transformer (yes my name for it) gets 5 stars from me!
Check out AceNaturals on Etsy!

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