Better Pictures & Bookmarks

Sunday, August 23, 2009
Learning to take better pictures and taking advantage of the Texas sunlight is a very good thing. Big bonus is i do not have to purchase a light box and all that jazz yet.

so here are a few bookmarks I've made and i know I've posted a few of them already but, i think the photographing is better this time around.

Decided to call this on Blue Midnight. It has Black Onyx faceted beads and a aquamarine Swarovski Bicone bead with Daisy Spacers. I love the way the trees are reflected in the silver bookmark.

This one is by far my fave. Love the filigree metal bead and the colors used. Have a thing for the olive color family it seems. The name of this bookmark is simply Butterfly.

This bookmark just has charm. The sweet color palette inspired the name of Sweet Love. It has quite an innocence about it and is soothing.

I so need to retake photos of my ribbon bookmarks and decade rosaries. Can't wait to share them.

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Bead Swap August 2009 Part 2

Friday, August 21, 2009
Okay the Bracelet and matchign earrings are finished!

Thank you to Cathy Dailey of CathyDailey's Handcrafted Artisan Findings for the wonderful Hammered Links and the S clasp. Will so order more, my mom wants me to recreate this bracelet set for her.

Here they are:

This experience has been wonderful. I enjoyed creating and making this bracelet and then had to make earrings.

Tropical rainforest, with colors that can go into fall and winter seamlessly. They would so look great with jeans and a cute top (See previous post to see the inspiring plants that helped make this creation possible.). Could een go with a simple black dress.

Getting better at Photo editing and lighting. These were taken outside and i just love the pictures. So happy with the results. This rekindled my passion for creating jewelry. Hope to open my own Etsy or store.
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Beadswap August 2009

Friday, August 14, 2009
This month i joined a beadswap in the Yahoo group i belong to. The group is called Beadingaholics.
Beadingaholics is a support group for anyone addicted to beading, stringing, wire working, PMC jewellry, Polymer clay, wire crochet knitting, chain maille, gemstones, seed beads, lampwork, all other types of sparkling jewellery adornments. Our family of friends is always here to help you with any problems you might be having, lend advice creativity, to help you develop your craving for more beads beautiful jewelry!

The theme is Tropical Rainforest. I had been looking for pictures that would take into consideration the coming fall trends so that the bracelet could be worn for months to come. so i considered the rainforest in the Northwestern US and did find some promising pictures but could not find beads or the right inspiration to compliment my vision.

I had gone with a sketch of something that had bright tropical colors out of frustration and even purchased $20 worth of matierals to compelte the multi-strand bracelet. Still, not happy with what I had.

So to my bead stash i fly. I had these huge almost 30mm long acrylic beads that were just sitting in my bead box. There was start of my inspiration.. Pulling ovlie beads and jade and pearls and faceted glass beads and some new metal beads this is what resulted:

I have my acrylic beads then lemon faceted jade, purple peacock pearls, olive Czech glass, Silvertone Hibiscus bead.

Then it slightly changes to accomidate a more opaque acrylic bead with gold shimmer in it.

The bead at the most left is the the change but it's beautiful. It also makes the skin kinda glow.

my inspiration was these pictures i found of a terrarium on this orchid forum i stumbled on to:


Here are the 3 pictures i took great inspiration from:

This was just a burst of inspiration and i'm so glad i could use beads i already ahd. now i just need to string and get a clasp.

Bling accomplished! will post finished product soon!

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Moiturizer for oily skin search Part I

Wednesday, August 12, 2009
On the quest to look for a moisturizer that works for my skin and helps me to not breakout when that does happen has been a challenge with the triple digit heat here in San Antonio I do not want to look shiny or feel my skin producing excess oils.

So i'm trying two moisturizers:

1. Arbonne FC5 Oil Absorbing Day Lotion with SPF 20 Retail value: $39.50 1.7 oz

2. Sephora FACE Hydrating Balancing Cream - Combination To Oily Skin: $18(online) $12(in-store)
1.69 oz

Yes even oily skin need moisture. However the quest to find a moisturizer that does what it claims is the challenge no matter what your skin type.

I choose these two brands based on my track record with both companies. Arbonne has had wonderful products that my mother uses religiously and that i love to use on occasion. The Hybrids Vitamin punch is great for my daughter and the mens line i so want my hubby to use. I still get the 35% discount and used it to purchase the Day Lotion at less than the $39.50 price tag.

The Sephora face brand saved my face when my skin dried out in the winter. Their dry skin line was perfect for my first experience with dry skina fter being oily for years. Now that the hot weather has finally caught up with my face, i have had to use a different moisturizer with little sucess much to my and my skin's dismay.


Arbonne claims this moiturizer is oil free and helps to absorb moisture has antioxidants and has SPF 20 to fight the sun's harmful rays while leavign the skin with a fresh matte appearance.

Sephora Face claims their hydrating balancing cream is tripel action: hydrates, regulates oil production and help future breakouts.

Arbonne is vegan and forulated thsi moisturizer without: Parabens,m Phthalates, Propylene Glycol, Mineral Oil, PABA, Petrolatum, Paraffin, Diethanolamine, or Anima-Derived Ingredients. Key Ingredients: Fresh kiwi cells; Matte Fresh Complex of mallow, melissa, watercress, ivy; grapeseed oil, pomegranate extract, vitamins A and E

Sephora: has white clay, zinc, vitamin b-5, however it has parabens. No mineral oil which is great.
-White Clay: Absorbs excess sebum and impurities.
-Zinc: Regulates sebum.
-Vitamin E: Antioxidant.
-Glycerin: Prevents skin dryness.
-Pro-Vitamin B5: Nourishing, softening, and anti-inflammatory.

Arbonne: Pleasant fruity smell though does smell a little like suntan loition.

Sephora: Fresh smell that is light.

Texture and absorption:

Arbonne had a light slippery feel a little like suntan lotion but thinner. The product comes out throught the use of a samll pump and it is a perfect amount for the face. It absorbed into my skin very quickly, lef my skin soft and matte just as the claim goes.

Sephora in a plain tube had great smooth texture and was thin as well. It absorbed into my skin more quickly than the Arbonne product.

Staying power:

Arbonne left my skin feeling hydrated longer while the sephora as soft but not as soft as the Arbonne product. I am sititng here petting my hand withthe arbonne cream on it b/c it's so soft.

Field testing into the Texas Heat is the next test. I need a week with each product to give it a full go. so this posting will have to have a Part II.

If you have used any of the two let me know. If you'd liek to purchase Arboonee with a 35% discount let me know and i can tell you how to get it.

If you haven't signed up for the Beauty Insider card with sephora you need to get it! Rack up points and get exlusive full sized samples. How cool is that!

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OPI Espana Collection Fall 2009

Sunday, August 2, 2009
Bling for my nails is expressed in beautiful shades of nail lacquer.

This fall the collection that has caught my attention is the OPI Espana Collection. I love's a sinful indulgence for me. I take forever to buy one and it has to be a shade i totally LOVE. It's an affordable indulgence though that happens maybe once a month for me and especially during the summer months.

The collection boasts a dozen beautiful colrs with equally unique names that make the fingers tingle to be painted.

They are creme colors and some of the collection has a subtle shimmer to them which make them perfect for fall and winter berry and dark hues.

Hues above: Barefoot in Barcelona, Can You Tapas This? Give Me Moor!
Pink Flamenco, No Spain No Gain, Ate Berries in the Canaries.

Hues above are: Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees, Here Today… Aragon Tomorrow, Manicurist of Seville.Pamplona Purple, Conquistadorable Color, Bullish on OPI.

I so want like 75% this collection. the colors are rich and vibrant. Beauty Junkies Online has done swatches of the colors and they are stunning. I love fall with the rich colors that always accompany it. My birthday depending on the year is usually the first day of fall so this year i'll enter into in style with a new vampy color. Would love to have Pamplona Purple on the toes and Manicurist of Seville on my fingers.

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