It's not too early..Christmas and the holiday season

Monday, September 29, 2008

free glitter text and family website at

October will begin this week and stores have already begun to count down the days tofree glitter text and family website at and the Hoilday season. With gas the way it is and people compacting thier trips to save money why not just shop from your living room or home office?

With Jewels By Park Lane you can shop from the convience of your own home and design your own sale! Take advantage of our Customer Purchase Program and get your most expensive items for only $12 each!

Pruchase $30 or more, select 1 item up to your pruchase amount for only $12

Purchase $60 or more, select 2 items up to your purchase amount for only $12 each

Purchase $90 or more, select 3 items up to your purchase amount for only $12 each

Example: Purchase the Lauren Earrings ($27) & The Bracelet ($36) for a total of $63

Get the Lauren Necklace (below left) ($52) for $12 and one more item up to $63 for $12 such as the Marina Necklace (pictured right)($53) for a total of $87 (plus Tax & SH)

and you have saved: $81 by designing your own sale

and have the wonderful Lauren set and a matching necklace in the Marina necklace.

It's just that easy with Jewels By Park Lane.

You purchase and walk away with a ton of bling for your self or some one special on your list at awesome savings!

Save even more by hosting a party in your home or online and take advantage of our

Stellar 5 Star Hostess program

and get $300 - $500 in jewlery FREE!

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Creative Fashion accessories -Altered Book Handbag.

Friday, September 26, 2008
I love a good handbag. They can help complete your outfit and can also make that same statement that jewelry can do. Went to my annual library training seminar today and one of the workshops I went to was about Altered Books. Now I've seen them on HGTV and other craft shows but the directions always left me in wonder. So I've never been able to partake in this wonderful way to recycle old books. Our speaker took us through the steps and showed us how we could incorporate this craft into our library programming. I thought it was totally cool. With that said I found a wonderful video that explains the process in a clear and simple manner. This is too cool to pass up and would make a great gift for little girls.

I was thinking that I could make a few purses to use as displays for the jewelry. They are unique and would add some flavor to the display. It would also help me thin out my fabric collection. Using different beads would also help to play up the jewelry and give it that sparkle that I just love in my displays. I can't wait to get started. Will have to head to the nearest used bookstore tomorrow.

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Love and Flowers

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Well my birthday is this monday and I have to say I'm quite happy with how my 27th year of life is coming to a close. My hubby surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers from MArtha Stewart Flowers ( he realy thought about this one wihch is so great). They were delivered right as i was making the closing annoucnement at the library. It took me by surprise and from what everyone else said i did a few "ums" over the PA before I aburptly discontinued the announcements. They are even more gorgeous in person and i do have my a photo of them that I took. Below is the stock photo.

Here is my photo:
I think it's better than the stock photo and it is fragrant. I found 3 different roses in the bouquet and it 's is just beautiful on my kitchen window sill. Look how shiny the jelp tin is. It is just gorgeous! Hubby called after i got out of work tomake sure i got the flowers and I was so happy to get his call because I know he's busy with deployment and all. It was also nice to be able to thank him for thinking of me. He says he has another part to my gift..I can't wait to see what it will be.
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Flexibility and Joy

Friday, September 19, 2008

I Love working Part-time. The joy i get from playing with my daughter is just so fulfilling. I'm here every morning to see her wake up ( most days hear her) and we go over the vocabulary of her room. Wall, Cross, Light Switch, butterfly, rose, Mary, crib, flower, window, cat, light, fan. It is so cool when she can pronounce one of the words we go over everyday. I ask her if she'd had good dreams and though she struggles to communicate i know she's telling me something important and I love to hear her speak.

Today we played soccer (football to anybody outside the US reading this) in the living room with her blue ball we got at the supermarket. Victoria just loves to laugh and run. Her laughter is just the best sound ever. Seeing her get faster when she runs is just amazing. I hope we have the next soccer superstar because she has a lot of strength and energy. I can't wait to enroll her in a league.

But working part-time allows me to have the best of both worlds as I further myself in Library studies and watch Victoria grow up. Today was one of the best Fridays we've had in a long time since the hubby has been deployed. For this I am truly thankful.

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Fall and Winter Fashion trends in Jewelry..Get Your Bling on!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008
How to Know the Hot Jewelry Trends for Fall 2008 & Winter 2009

by Kristie Leong M.D.

Here are some of the best new jewelry trends for fall 2008/winter 2009 to keep you looking fashion forward and up to the minute.
Step One
Natural stones. The green movement has hit the jewelry world in a big way. You'll see a proliferation of natural beads and stones adorning all types of jewelry this fall and winter. Look for natural gemstones such as jade and turquoise to be a hit along with wood, bone, and freshwater pearls. These are the perfect pieces to be incorporated into the dramatic statement necklaces that will be so popular this fall.

Step Two
Bracelets, bracelets, bracelets. The wrist will take on new importance this fall and winter and what better way to flatter an appendage than with a bold cuff bracelet. Though a large, unadorned cuff bracelet makes a statement on its own, cuffs sprinkled with stones and jewels of all types are also fabulous. These bold statement pieces will take your wrists from ordinary to extraordinary without spending a fortune. Feeling creative? Buy a plain cuff bracelet and decorate it with the stones and jewels of your choice.

Step Three
Pendants. With so much emphasis on the neck, pendants are making a comeback and they're bold and dramatic like the necklaces they dangle from. Look for oversized coins, medallions, and gemstone pendants to add to your collection. Although super large pendants were emphasized in all the fashion runway shows, there's still a place for smaller, more delicate pendants if bold isn't your style. Just make sure you have some!

Step Four
Necklaces with drama. Necklaces will take on importance this fall and winter and are designed to make a bold statement. Look for an abundance of multi-strand necklaces and layering of strands to create a look that will take even the most ordinary outfit from fine to divine. Necklaces seen on the fashion runways ran the gamut in color and style, but they were all universally bold in their presentation. These "in your face" necklaces are best worn with simple clothing as all eyes will be drawn to your neck. Put away your small, demure chains and think big, bold, and eye catching when it comes to necklaces for fall.

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Easy Recipe so the Hostess can get her Shop on!

Monday, September 8, 2008


With a JBPL shopping experience, I like to have my hostess present as much as possible. I ask her to keep food simple and easy so she won't have to run back and forth through out the party.

My intention is to present her guest with her Wish List so they can see what beautiful jewelry she is trying to earn and encourage active participation in games and the presentation of the jewelry. In other words she's a cheerleader for the party...and a happy hostess makes for happy guests and vice versa.


It justs adds to a more relaxed and fun party atmosphere which is just wonderful. My advice to my hostess sicne she is a BIG part of the party and I make a BIG deal about the jewelry SHE wants, I encourage her to dres s a simple table with food and drink so she doesn't go crazy keeping up with food or miss the fun of the party. She is throwing this party to see her friends also and my hostess should enjoy herself.

Here is a recipe i love for a beautiful alternative to regular iced tea. I got it from Food and

Tangy Hibiscus-Lime Iced Tea


F&W's Melissa Rubel created this refreshing, sweet-tart iced tea.
1 cup each of sugar and warm water
Zest of 4 limes, removed in strips
8 cups cold water
3/4 cup dried hibiscus flowers (see Note)
Ice cubes
In a small saucepan, bring the sugar, warm water and lime zest to a boil. Remove from the heat and let steep for 30 minutes. Strain into a measuring cup.
In a large saucepan, bring the cold water and hibiscus flowers to a boil. Remove from the heat; let steep for 20 minutes. Refrigerate until chilled.
Strain the tea into a pitcher. Stir in 1/2 cup of the lime syrup, or more to taste. Serve the tea in tall glasses over ice.

NOTES Dried hibiscus is available at health food stores, Latin markets and tea shops.If you can't find hibiscus flowers, you can substitute dried rose hips or Celestial Seasonings Red Zinger tea (which contains hibiscus, rose hips and other herbs).

Now that you have something refreshing to drink what about something to nosh? Again simplicity rules here. Here in San Antonio, something simple like tortilla chips and fresh Pico de Gallo or guacamole would be great. An array of fruit and cheeses. Simple finger foods that are light and comforting at the same time. It also keeps you out of the kitchen and with your guests having fun, laughing, sharing and adding wonderful jewelry to your collection.

So ladies enjoy yourself with Jewels by Park Lane!

Carpe Jewelry!

Host a Party! Your jewelry is waiting for you!

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5 Star Hostess Program

Five Star Hostess Program

1 Thank You Awards
Choose any item pictured on the cover for just $10.00 by returning your qualified guest list with in three days. *See catalog for item details.
2 Customer Order Credit
Receive a $20.00 credit for each customer order! Receive a free bonus gift of our Instyle Bracelet with 10 or more orders. Avaliable in Jet or Clear CZ or amythest.
3 Half Price Privilege
You may purchase up to 4 regular-line items at half price!
4 Hostess Collection
You may qualify to purchase up to 4 Hostess Only discounted items featured in our catalog.
5 Booking Awards
Awarded after bookings are held within 30 days and qualify with minimum $175 net sales each.
1st Booking $50.00 for only $5.002nd Booking $50.00 for only $5.003rd Booking $100.00 for only $10.00

Three booking gifts; Choose an exquisite item from our Three Booking Gift collection or any one regular-line item valued up to $100. Free, after three bookings are held and qualified within 30 days of your show.

Book your show today! Contact me..Your Jewelry is Waiting for you!

Wish Lists take the guessing out of Gift giving!

Sunday, September 7, 2008
Gift giving can always be a little nerve racking when trying to discern the perfect gift for that special someone.

When you enjoy the Park Lane shopping experience, I can help make shopping for a gift easier. Our Wish List is a powerful tool that can make shopping for you easier on that spouse or boyfriend or significant other.

The wish list is given out during the presentation to customers so they can jot down items in the catalog and jewelry that is revealed to them during the presentation that they truly find suits their tastes.

It's a dream list or more like a Christmas List that a child would send to Santa. You have the opportunity to dream big and write things down as if money were no option. Then at the bottom of the Wish List it asks you if you'd like to join the "It's Just what I wanted!" Club. This service can be very helpful to that spouse or significant other who needs a little nudge in the right direction when choosing a gift for a birthday or anniversary.
Who has gotten that last minute bottle of perfume or the gift that wasn't quite right. By allowing me to contact your significant other around your birthday or anniversary time I can extend to them the wish list you put together during the party and they can choose the perfect piece of jewelry for you and the BEST part is that YOU already LOVE it!

It saves you from having to drop hints, and releases you from feeling guilty about suggesting a gift or even having to purchase it yourself. All you have to do is tell your spouse that you did join this club and that I will contact him about a month out from the date so he has plenty of time to choose an item and get it to your home.

It's just that simple. So the next time you are at a JBPL party with me join the "It's Just what I wanted!" Club, you and your significant other will both be happy with the results!

Email me and book a party or to order from the catalog!

NO SPAM please!

September 2008 Specials! Get your Bling on!

Hostess and Customer Specials for September

Fabulous Hostess Rewards continue in September!

Hostesses can now choose from 30 new Thank You Gifts for just $10. Some of the jewelry has a value of up to $94 so this is a HUGE savings!

There is an addition to the Instyle Bracelet family that the Hostess can get. It's amethyst so now a hostess with 10 orders can choose from Clear, Jet and the Amethyst Instyle Bracelet as a Free Bonus gift with 10 orders.

Our Hostess Collection also has new items. So check out our website to view the catalog and the new Hostess ONLY items.

This is all in addtion to the wonderful 5 Star Hostess program and it's wonderful benefits for our Hostesses. Book a party today your jewelry is waiting for you!

For Our Customers:
Customer Appreciation Sale…A FREE Bonus Item!

With a minimum $60 and the purchase of two bonus items, a customer may select a third matching value bonus item for FREE!
With a minimum $90 and the purchase of three bonus items, a customer may select a fourth matching value bonus item for FREE!
Our Starlight Bracelet for customers is now in Amethyst as well. For $14 you can choose from clear or amethyst and help our the Starlight Foundation.
Contact me to place an order or to have a party! Your Jewelry is waiting for you!

Fall 2008 Fashion trends! Make statement with Jewelry!

With all the new Fall Fashion trends it's easy to see that jewelry is not only essential but is often THE piece that makes an outfit sing for the Fall and Winter fashions 2008.

Persuing Vogue and Elle and other fashion magazines I have noticed show stopping peices and dramatic colors. Jewel Tones are hot this season and adding sparkle or drama to an outfit can be easily accomplished with Jewels by Park Lane Jewelry.
Layering is another way to make a huge statement and add something different to a basic outfit. One of my Favorite peices to use to layer is the Shanel Necklace with it's classic look of pearls, this 61" can be worn as a very long necklace shortened to appear as two and even three strands or even as a bracelet. I've been wearing mine as a two strand with everything lately. It's just so versitile.

Another popular choice is the beautiful Hieress necklace which at 20" is just astounding. With the classic look of hand knotting these beautiful glass pearls warm the skin and can be worn with jeans or khakis to your most formal attire.
The seductive Shadow set feautures grey pearls and lovely drop earrings. They are just sexy.

With Autmn upon us try slipping into some chocolatley brown pearls. Our French Silk Pearl necklace and earrings are jsut the thing to take that little black dress to new heights. So chic and on our new catalog cover, these are sure to please.
Check out our website to find these lovely and stunning peices.
Book a party with me and get $50 shopping credit FREE!