REVLON Colorburst Lip Butter review

Monday, July 30, 2012
I love the new balms by Revlon and L'oreal that are out!  They are creamy and soft and butter and provide just the color level i need.  Today's review is about the Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter.  I got the shades: Strawberry Shortcake and Cotton Candy.

Got them at Ulta on a BOGO special.  Very happy about that.  I needed some nice pinks that were not feeling heavy on my's too hot here in Tejas to have heavy lipstick on, but gloss is too light. Thank goodness for the Colorburst Balm.  They are creamy, pigmented, light and moisturizing.  It has shea, coconut and mango butters that make it ultra moisturizing.

Here is the swatch:

On the left is Cotton Candy, on the right, Strawberry Shortcake.
I really love the creamy pink of Strawberry shortcake.  It's dreamy and so girly.  Cotton Candy shows up on me as a pink that has a hit of gold shimmer. It's got a more sheer application and looks delicate and fun.  Both made me smile. 

The balms run about $7.49 on Ulta and I've seen them for lower at Target and a few other places. Also don't forget you can get $1 off coupons on like ebay ( got like 6 $1 off coupons from ebay for like $2 bucks).   So that will make even more savings! 

What I like about these over the L'Oreal balms is that these have a longer staying power. I love the L'Oreal, they have a nice silky feel too, but the pigmentation of the Revlon is much better. So want to get more of these balms.

Great buy for hits of color and moisture!

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Emily S. said...

Thanks for your sweet blog comment about my ironing board! :) :) you made me smile! Happy new week to you!