From the Earth to Beautiful Bauble: Marcasite

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Marcasite is a natural mineral used in jewelry. It is a light and brittle mineral that is often mistaken for pyrite. Pyrite and marcasite have the same chemical formula, but different crystal system, thereby making them two separate minerals. In jewelry, pyrite is used as a gem while marcasite is not. It is a mined stone and when used in jewelry, marcasite is cut and shaped very much like diamonds.

For our lovely collection of Marcasite you can look for the names of these lovely pieces:



(one of my personal favorites)

Le Cabaret

on our ring pages pages we have

Reign (gorgeous on any right hand)

Santa Cruz Ring
Antique Lace Ring
Legacy earrings
Antiquity Pin
Introduced in May 2008, we have a beautiful set called Dreamscape a beautiful necklace and earrings which has both marcasite and onyx to make a lovely art deco set that is timeless.

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