My Kobo ereader cover!

Friday, June 10, 2011
Okay I LOVE my Kobo ereader. It is perfect for my needs which are:
1. read a book without having pages to turn and distract infant while nursing.
2. Easily download and read Library digi books.
3. adjust text size and have wifi

Okay when looking for an ereader i wanted something that was almost bare bones and just simple to use. I didn't need touch, cause the boy is getting bigger and arms are getting longer so touch screens are out. Kobo has only one button with four points on it to aid in menu selection, page turning, and adjusting text size and a few other things, but I'm not going into that. If you'd like good reviews please see a YouTube review of the Kobo. Price was a factor too and i got this on ebay for less than $60 including shipping!

It has WIFi which is great if I'm away from my computer and wish to buy a book. It can easily handle epub and pdf formats and digi books from the library which is great! Increasing Library circulation and letting the higher ups know that ebooks at the library are where it's at!  Customer Service is nice too. 

I also love the quilted texture on the back of the reader which helps with gripping the reader. Fabulous! However, being the lover of accessories I'm a woman...had to dress up and protect (protection being high on my list..hardy har..yes it was there..somewhere...but there) my ereader. So, to Etsy I went.  I did a search for kobo ereader covers and found that seller are willing to customize covers made for the Nook and Kindle to match the size of the Kobo ereader. Yay! It really came down to one seller who had soem striking covers: Dana Designs. She had two that were basically the same thing but with different band colors. One in Magenta and the other in a rich purple. For $24 these are a steal and a treasure!

Dana has been on Etsy since 2009 and is  SAHM to three kids, a military wife, and loves shopping for fabric (sister we need to hang out).In addition to ereader covers she also makes tooth-fairy pillows and coffee cup sleeves.

So my decision came to:
Before purchasing i asked if she could customize it to the Kobo specs and she graciously said yes. Purchased the item included specs and shortly there after I got an email from Dana saying the process would take about 10 days. My reply: I look forward to a surprise in my mailbox.
(I love getting parcels. That and handwritten letters.)

Okay above is Dana's gorgeous pic of the cover. Here are my amateur pics, so hang on and i apologize for the glare ..still figuring out lighting and camera settings.

The item came wrapped meticulously in pink tissue paper with a label of Dana Designs.
After opening the tissue paper and yes i unwrap like a little kid..I did say I love parcels.  Holding the cover in my hands was like holding a beautiful glove. It's a work of art. Beautiful craftsmanship and attention to details and it's just for me.

The magenta stripe has velcro so the cover shuts and protects (see there it is) the ereader. It's cushioned and safe in the custom cut corners and fits in a as snug as a bug in a rug. I can still easily access the Kobo button for page turning etc. On the right hand side there are two little pockets for whatever..USB cords, reading light, paci. Will be handy when i travel with my ereader.
 I am just so happy with this that i had to blog about this bling for my Kobo. If you have an ereader and wish to accessorize it in a decadent way I highly suggest that you go to Dana's Designs and check out her gorgeous stock.

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