Caring for you beautiful Fashion Jewelry

Tuesday, October 7, 2008
We love our beautiful baubles and bling but how do we make it last and how do we keep pieces shiny and new looking?

When it comes to fashion jewelry care and some caution must be taken in order to ensure the longevity of our fabulous accessories. The one big thing that I noticed when wearing fashion jewelry is to make sure that your skin has not just been covered in lotion. I'm not saying that that one shouldn't moisturize to protect our hands and keep them looking nice, but give you skin some time to absorb and drink in the quench of lotion given before you wear your jewelry. Lotions can also cause a reaction with your skin and the metals if your skin has enough acidity. Try using a lotion that is dye free and perfume free, that way you can have moisturized limbs and still be able to comfortably wear your jewelry.

I can't say enough about removing jewelry when doing household chores. We all know that cleaning chemicals have a harsh effect on our hands ( i personally use rubber gloves now so i can avoid dry hands), but the chemicals can also effect the jewelry we wear and can cause permanent damage. I loved the Kim and Aggie on How Clean is Your House on BBC who wear these uber fancy dish gloves with bows and feathers on them to make cleaning seem less daunting. My gloves are pink and purple. The color does seem more perky then the traditional yellow or the green I've seen out there. So now that we have beautiful cleaning gloves don't forget to place you jewelry in your jewelry box so that it's safe and chemical free.

Here are some tips to help keep your jewelry sparkling:

1. Place some pieces of white chalk in your box to keep silver from tarnishing.

2. Purchase a cleaning cloth meant for the metal you wish to clean. Make sure they are lint free. These little cloths are wonders and make up-keep simple with no liquid chemicals or harsh smells.

3. Do NOT use those harsh liquid dips or cleansers, these can do more harm than good. The chemicals can also burn your skin. Ultra sonic cleaners can also loosen your stones or break them.

4. Use a soft brush or cotton swab to remove any dirt from rings where a cleaning cloth may not be able to reach.

Your jewelry Box is not only a place to keep your jewelry it is the first defense in protecting your treasured baubles. I found a good article to help you choose a jewelry box:

With the proper storage and cleaning of your jewelry, your collection can last for generations to come.

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