Purple in all it's splendor!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Ah, my favorite color is the rage for fall. PURPLE! The rich color of royalty and the beautiful color of grapes. It can be seen in everything this season from head to toe.

New York Fashion week was blooming with the seductive hue, from eggplant to plum this color is number one!
Perusing fashion magazines, I've seen purple tights on a model with a basic black dress and shoes. The purple was gorgeous. The other items that stood out in piece were her accessories all clad in gold accessory which matched the buckles in her shoes. The look was striking and so do able for the everyday woman.

I found a beautiful Top at JCPenny now marked down to the super-affordable price of $14.99. It comes in the striking Grape color and i just had to list it. It's by Worthington and it made me think of one of the characters from the Jane Austen Book club movie, Prudie Drummond play by Emily Blunt who always wore chic clothing, because she was a french teacher and followed Coco Chanel to the letter rebelling from her hippy dippy mom.

To go with that I would also pair the blouse with a sumptuous pair of purple shoes. Carlos Santana always seems to delight my fancy when it comes to a beautiful and sexy shoe. The shoe is called Bliss. At a bit of a cost for shoes on sale at zappos.com for $98.10, these shoes have personality and still steep of traditional Mary Janes with the novelty of he double straps and the sexy attitude of the croco pattern and stacked platform.

What's left when you have a great basic skirt in grey or black or even a basic pant to make it more like Katherine Hepburn? Accessories!

For this classic look i would add the beauty of the Legend bracelet which comes in silver or gold tone and is Tiffany inspired bracelet sure to garner attention with out the loss in the pocketbook @ a retail value of $59 this bracelet is a save compared to the price of it's designer counterpart. It can also go home with you for $12 when taking advantage of the Customer purchase program.

For something a little more full i would wear the Volume Bracelet with 9 connected bangles for that wonderful clinking sound every time the arm moves and the Unite Ring to compliment the layered look of the bangles.

Also offered in the catalog which are some of my favorite pieces:

The Signature set in amethyst, here is a picture of the ring. It is a truly stunning set. with a matching pendant, and stunning bracelet.Signature Ring- Amethyst

Others of my favorites in purple are: The Rock On set:

Gorgeous and huge amethyst on strands of glass beads and amethyst chip beads. Great for casual wear and the everyday.

There are many more beautiful items to help you splash into purple for this season. I can help you get those items and your most expensive ones for $12. Host a party and you can get them for FREE and at half price! Look great, save money and enjoy the decadent flair of purple for this season!

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Renée aka Mekhismom said...

I love purple too. My favorite purple outfit was a pair of suede purple pants. The were a light purple and so hot. I got them almost 7 years ago- I guess I was ahead of my time.

Leanne said...

Bling and purple what a great post! I need purple flats though...but I love the look of those heels.

~Juanita~ said...

I'm lovin' the bracelets, necklace and shoes. I know purple is in this Fall, but I just don't think the color looks good on me. I'll have to do some more searching around for the right pieces. Great blog!

zafiro80 said...

rock on Renee with being able to pull off suede pants. yes you are ahead of your tie most moms are.

Leanne, i have so been looking for a good apri of purple shoes i would wear more than once or twice. But those Santana's are just uber gorgeous.

Juanita, have you tried a dark purple and a silvery purple? try stuff on and see what looks good. Get your shop on!