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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Looking for great base colors for my eye shadows I purchased some products from mark. cosmetics by Avon.

I got the Winkstick in Demure..which is a creamy shadow in a champagne color. According to the product description: Creamy eye shadow shades glide on smoothly and provide a lasting shimmer. It is a hook up eye shadow stick which means it's part of a modular system which makes it ultra portable to place in a purse or travel bag.

The shade is great champagne color and very shimmery. Testing it out on my hand, it was very soft and the color is excellent. Tried it out the other day as a base to a nice daytime look and I have to say i am very impressed with it's staying power and the fact that a cream shadow did not crease on me.

The next two items are the Mini mark it Stick. I got this product in two colors: Cocoa Bean and Shell. Cocoa bean is a silvery taupe color and the Shell color is a soft nude color. This shimmer stick is so creamy and soft. The product description is: A super-soft, shimmery pencil that glides over lids or along lash lines. In fact, if you mix Coaco bean and shell you get UDPP color of sin. how cool is that and cheaper than buying the genie bottle.
These are very sexy can are great to use as my first layer in an eyeshadow look. No creasing here either. This exciting for someone who has avoided cream eyeshadow for just that specific reason and that i have oily skin so the two do not mix well. Shell also goes well in the corner and lower lash line to brighten and open the eyes. Great stuff. At $6 bucks a piece it a good investment.

My final product was the mark Glossblossom Ripening Lip Tint. This product I bought truly wondering if there was a non-brown pink that could look good on me. I have full lips so i have a phobia of looking like bozo in the pink and red color tones. Phobia aside i decided to try it out and I'm glad I did.

This gloss is so awesome. Oh let me include the product description: Goes on clear, then ripens to a juicy pink to leave lips tinted and shiny. Alluring, personalized pink tone lasts even after the gloss is gone.

Holy moley when i say that my lips looked ripe. it was like what the lips look like after a long kiss with the hubby. The stain stays after the gloss is talked or fades through a normal day. It's great. My lips are so soft! It begins as a kinda clearish gloss with a gold shimmer. Really brings on the pout to the lips. in less than 10 seconds my lips were turning this outstanding pink. Not too bright and not too dark. Just like a beautiful juicy rose color. My lips are soft due to the
JOJOBA oil and the best part is that it's not sticky like other lip glosses. It's a small tube but a little goes a long way. This was $6.50 and so worth it. It's affordable and delivers! I will have to purchase more of this when it eventually runs out. This will make great gifts and stocking stuffers for Christmas.

All this and I got free shipping using the code: MFS20 which gets you free shipping on an order of $20 or more. I love that mark has codes for so many levels of purchase from $15 to $35 or more. free shipping is always a great thing.

So if you'd like to purchase these or any other great mark products you can check them out at My Mark Store.

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Rachel said...

Christina--found your site when making a marketing flyer for AVON. So cute! I love it! I have been selling Avon for a few months...didn't know you could have your own MARK site too! I love your blog---espcially about the lip gloss. Am excited and now want to start selling Mark more too. Good luck with you mission on make up and such!