Baby shower dreamin'

Tuesday, May 25, 2010
Well, i'm six months and change right now. Expecting baby #2 Labor Day weekend.
It's going to be a boy!

So we will have a matched of this September. So since I've been on a creative streak, I wanted to share some of my thoughts and inspiration for the baby shower

I want a baby shower tht features the color pallet of brown, blue, green and lavender. I'm doing this not only as a shower but a party where all my friends will be together in one space. Since embarking on a tough last academic semester, I reallyhaven't hung out with friends in along time. This pregnancy has ben a bumpy ride but, still optimistic about being more active than last time around.

Created an inspiration board with items and colors i like. I think I need to create a second one b/c my ideas are so much more numerous.

Yup. There will be cupcakes. I hate cutting cake and it gives me the chance to use a tiered cake stand. I found this link to make one for about $5. Interesting. This article has great instructions as well. The Blog Vintage Joy had this post with a cupcake stand made of terracotta pots and pieces. I like it a seems very sturdy as well. The tutorial is located on Once Wed, which is a great place for DIY wedding projects which can translate to any special occasson. Knowing i just said i hate cuttng cake i really love the belly cake trend. They are so cute and sexy all at the same time.

The bunch of flowers is in the invite i want from lukecommasara 's Shop on Etsy. Just love it! The tissuepaper pom-poms yes i love Martha's pom-poms. Love them! They are so easy to make and are so festive. Then i want to give Bluebonnet seeds as the favor. The Texas stae flower which is blue and accordingto TX DOT they are to be planted frm September 1 to December 15th. Which is great snice the baby will be born in September. I also like the fact that when seeds and plants are involved, it's usually a family endevor. When the bluebonnets are out families take many pictures and it's truly a special time in Texas.

Speaking of flowers, for the table i'd love to have green mums they are just great flowers. They are great looking, modern, chic, clean looking and inexpensive. Simple to add a rose or a focal flower or leave it in an arrngement by itself.

Well, these are my musings on a baby shower. Any ideas drop a comment. Yay party planning...yay a new kiddo!

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Karren said...

Hi,stopping by to visit, love all the plants, great blog I will look around some more, stop by leave logo for you blog or website and link, hope to see it soon, Have a great week!

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zafiro80 said...

Thank you Karen. Have a great day.