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Tuesday, May 11, 2010
It's been a while since the hubby and i have attended a wedding. I'm so excited. My daughter's godmother is to be married in June and I'm all a flutter with finding just the right items to wear to her fabulous nuptials.

My hubby has decided he wants to wear his Army dress blues and who am I to say no to my hubby looking uber cute in his uniform, so i have decided to go formal with my attire as well.

My first thing was to find a dress that would accommodate my ever growing tummy. Looking through pictures of gowns i decided that $200 plus bucks was too much to spend on a single gown. so to eBay i went. I wanted a strapless gown that was playful and elegant and mostly my desire was that it had to have chiffon. notes chiffon as A very lightweight, sheer, flat-crepe textured silk with a dull, soft finish. Often seen in overlays for evening gowns. Excellent for shawls or scarves where a floaty look is desired.

I love how flirty chiffon looks. It just takes me back to all the classic movies i've ever seen with beautiful floaty filmy fabric on gowns. Chiffon shows up in the most beautiful awys just look at Anna Kendrick at the 2010 Oscars:
Chiffon just has that very beautiful appeal and is so light and awesome against the skin. I'm babbling i know.

anyway off to eBay i went in search of a maternity gown that had chiffon. It took me forever to narrow down a style..then i saw as i was surfing one day Tia Mowry's wedding gown:
I went nuts! Chiffon abounding here in this Kevan Hall creation. I loved the whole thing. I knew that something like that would also be easy to wear with my growing belly. However, searching for a dress that was a knock-off of the gown was tough. However, I found something that was just wonderful. at $80 bucks and free shipping it was just in my budget and i could get the color customized to what i want.

To go along with my hubby's Dress Blues I decided to go with a shade of pink that I totally love: Raspberry! This Grecian style gown had the shade i wanted so after emailing the company that i wanted this shade exactly they cheerfully agreed to have it color matched. They also agreed to cut the train off and make room for the belly..yay!

This is just a sexy pink color! Now for shoes. Can't go high because my state of balance is off so a nice 2" to 2.5" heel would be great. Again scouring the net and any shoes store i came upon these:
A little lighter than the raspberry color in fact calls it fuchsia. It's called Grace by Metaphor. It was a true steal at $11.99 on when the original price was $34.99 I thought this was just lovely. simple and glam all at the same time. with shipping i still was at $16 so i am just elated! Shipping was quick and i got my shoes in a few days. Tried them on and they even have wiggle room in case my feet decide they want to expand. Heel height is about 2.5 inches and this is just very nice. Sears is just one of those place where you can find the unexpected nice item that is quality and the price is always right.

On to the BLING!!! This is not an occasion for me to fret over making my own jewelry although i wanted to but time is of the essence. So I went to yes eBay again and i found a lovely little shop called Robyn's Rhinestones. Beautiful costume jewelry and great prices. I love the way the brides of India dress up with the big jewelry and necklaces. It's simply stunning. Found something Victorian inspired but also reminded me of Bollywood and all that jazz:

This set was $24 and is such a show stopper! This picture does not do justice to this set. it's better in person and not heavy so my ears won't hurt at the end of the evening. Can't do a lot f dancing anyways with my high risk pregnancy so it works out. ha! But yeah beautiful pink crystals and rhinestones on gold tone scroll work. how happy am i! She also had this set in a clear and silver but this gold and pink is just stunning!

I can't wait to get my dress and try it on. In efforts to look great in the dress i started working out my upper body with my resistance bands an i'm noticing a difference already. Yay so exicted to go this wedding and look just great along with my cute hubby. At $120 this is a budget keeper. Next post should be about hair. Still looking for a purse. Would welcome any suggestions.
Tell me what you think!
Until next time!

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