A Tweezer is a Tweezer is Tweezer!

Friday, March 26, 2010
I was shopping at Sephora a while back and saw the display for the Anastacia . While i was looking at the stencils for eyebrows and the cute products, one caught my eye, the tweezers. Well why not, the woman who has been on Oprah, does the brows of J-Lo, and countless other movie stars has got to put out a really cool tweezers.

According to the Sephora website, the product is described as:

Crafted from the highest quality steel with custom-slanted top and calibrated tension, this professional must-have tool handles even the finest hairs with ease.

For $28 this should be an awesome tweezer.

However, this did not catch my eye because it's Anastacia's Tweezer but because it looked remarkably similar to my tweezers at home by Earth Theraputics. The Pink SoftTouch tweezers. The Earth Theraputics tweezer retails for $9.99 on most sites but I found it at Marshalls for $3.99!

ET describes the tweezer as: Earth Therapeutics SofTouch™ tweezers are professional quality. The body of the SofTouch™ tweezer is lined with a special coating that is velvety soft to the touch, yet ensures a non-slip secure grip for perfect and precise tweezing. The tweezer tips are hand-filed, perfectly aligned and rigorously tested for exacting accuracy.

It's a great tweezer! I really love it and my sister who is very into the brow grooming thing was amazed at it and the price i paid. It has a soft feel to the hand grip and the tip is quite accurate at plucking my brows.

So for about $24.01 less than the official Anastacia brand, you can get the same tweezer for way less at drugstore.com and Amazon which has a Two pack for just under $10. That would make a great gift for a friend ad you get to keep one as well and it's less than $5 each tweezer.

I understand that having a great tweezer is essential especially just to keep up between waxing or threading sessions, however when you have the opportunity to get a great tweezer for a fraction of the cost. This is just way too good to pass up. Ladies save your money and purchase the same tweezer at a less price. you won't be unhappy. Shop on ladies!
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