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Saturday, March 13, 2010
Okay so since i'm prego now with the second kiddo. I wan to keep working out. alot of the prego videos out there are entirely too touchy feely for me. I very much understand a new life is growing in me and that it's a miracle, however between that and sounds of gongs or flowing water (which increases the need to pause and RUN for the restroom), It's way to calm for me and not what i need.

PhotobucketI already go on base and do Zumba twice a week. to help keep the cardio up. so much fun. I wonder what it's going to be like when i'm But yeah so i went to amazon and got two DVDs used.

I got 10 Minute Solution Prenatal Pilates with Lizbeth Garcia. It has 5- 10 minute routines to help during all stages of pregnancy. I was really excited to see an instructor who did not look like a stick with a large beach ball in front. Garcia is strong and lovely. He instruction is clear and best of allit flows without the wishy-washiness. Tonight i did 2 workouts: the Standing Pilates and the core pilates. My abs are feeling it but in a good way. I felt as though this is something I can stick with. Garcia is 36 weeks along in her first pregnancy at the time.

There are 3 other workouts i will get to in the next couple of days: Pilates for buns and thighs, Pilates for flexibility and total body pilates. It's gentle and invigorating. Using light weight feels good but i will eventually have to move up. i know i can make it more difficult for me by incorporating my resistance tubing.

I really like the attention she pays to strengthening and stretching the lower back. OMG did that feel wonderful. My lower back has been killing me since i stopped traditional weight lifting and this is very much helping ease the pain and get me back to little to no pain. The ab work is fantastic with the aid of pillows to help cushion the lower back and keep me elevated and baby safe. The movements are fluid and gently strengthen. Taking the traditional pilates moves and just modifying them to fit the changing landscape that is my body.

I look forward to completing the workouts and keeping this one in my collection as my kiddo grows and my body changes.

Next review will be of Tracey Mallett's Pregnancy System 3in1. I have the book coming in on ILL so i will do a book review and a DVD review. Looking forward to it.

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You have really nice stuff here! Found you via MBC! =)

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Thank you for the compliments. Hope you keep following along!

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