Creativity abounding

Saturday, September 19, 2009
New necklace in the works. Don't even know the name of it yet. It stared as a matching piece to the Tears of Joy earrings but it's something else or it could go with it bu hmmm you decide.

Right now it's just a work in progress.

First pic is a not so good shot of the center drop beautiful faceted glass and an aquamarine Swarovski bead on Sterling silver wire. With glass pearls in cream.
Next up the stage right of the necklace with Czech glass oblong bead amoung the creamy pearls.

Lastly, the stage left of the necklace, variegated sizes of pearls with a Swarovski aquamarine bicone. It's just lovely.

Just bought a clasp off etsy to go with the necklace and i'm sure it will turn out to be just marvelous.

Work in progress...will post final pictures when the necklace is finally arranged.

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