New items for Fundraiser and store

Friday, October 2, 2009
Having my beads come in from the mail is always exciting it gets the design jucies and creativity flowing. I just get inspired.

I was able to create quite a bit of jewelry. some going to a silent auction fundraiser for the school attached to my church, and from that i have new items to put in my store as well because they are reproducible.

First up: Cherries in the Snow
This set of earrings has Czech glass in clear aurora borealis and a dark cherry red. I've always loved the idea of red on snow or when you get shaved ice and the first drops of cherry red syrup hit the serene white canvas of ice. and that is what inspired me for this set of earrings. what i love is youcan give them a shake and the "Cherries" end up in different spots so you never have the same look twice. Set on silver chain it's just a fun set of earrings.

This is a simple and elegant pair of earrings. The silver wire was hand shaped and there is just a bit of lovely sparkle with the Swarovski bicone at the end of the wire. I love this because it reminds me of wavy hair. It also reminds me of what an icicle looks like when the sunlight hits it for the first time. Shiny, delicate and serene. The great thing about these is that they are easy to customize. so going to be a staple at A Different Shade of Me.

Got a few bracelets done. I seem to be on a natural gemstone thing as well, because a lot of these pieces have natural stones. They are truly lovely.

This bracelet is called Calming Copper.
I really like the chocolate button pearls used in this bracelet. The copper freshwater pearls are warming to the skin and great for any skintone. The Turquoise nuggets are a calming shade of green turquoise with brown in there that is just earthy and soothing to look at. I often find myself staring and looking at the crevasess and the patterns on each nugget and marvel at how time and pressure created this beautiful component to my bracelet.

This Bracelet I made for the fundraiser and it's called Cool Moss.
The green jasper is dark and moody. Been experimenting with chain and i love the delicate look it has with the beads and that it's asymmetrical. It even has a lime green pearl that is just bright and delicate looking against the earthy green of the Jasper. It's just lovely.

Industrial Waves Earrings

These earrings are just so neat. I'm sorry the pic isn't more clear. I forgot to take them out while i was outside. I was in a rush to drop off the fundraiser items (of which this is one). The hand forged copper teardrops are from England and the pearls are a gorgeous blue. You see the rocky texture of the back but the other side has this very smooth side that is just like blue steel. The contrast is just wonderful.

I do have one more bracelet t that i completed but the sun went down before i could move it due to the glue. Can't wait to post about it tomorrow.

Also making a birthday present for a friend and she wants something in fuchsia and black. This great that I'm getting so inspired and creative. I look forward to making more and sharing more with you all.

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