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Tuesday, October 27, 2009
After having success with Manor Hall Soap Company's Natural shampoo for dry Hair, I have made another purchase and i have to say I'm growing in my love for this company!

Got another Sulfate free shampoo for Dry Hair which is great stuff for those with risos (curls). A little bit goes along way and this hydrates like nothing else because it has olive oil in it and coconut oil ( my faves!) For hair that is when completely wet goes between my shoulder blades, I use about a nickel to just under a quarter size size of product to get all soapy and clean. My hair feels like it is clean and hydrated. Lather is enough for all of you who love bubbles. The smell of geranium, rosewood and peppermint essential oils leaves my hair smelling great. It's not overly flowery or too heavy which is fabulous!

I also got The Classic Soap Sampler. These lovely little gems are delectible.
here is the description from the website:
This sampler stack is a great way to try a few different flavors of Manor Hall natural olive oil soap. All four are tied together, and topped off with a Manor Hall hang tag. Makes a great gift for yourself, and is also an ideal way to introduce someone you know to the wonderful feeling of Manor Hall natural olive oil soap. Flavors vary by availability.

Each bar weighs approximately one ounce. Each stack is weighed before they are sleeved, and together will always total 3.5 to 4 ounces or above.

The flavors i got are:
  • Ohh La Lavender & oatmeal
  • Almond Sunset
  • Spearmint Grapefruit
  • Orange Tree Blast
The neatly packaged soaps are great sizes for travel and are a treat for the body and senses. The combined smell is amazing. If i ever get a chance to go tot the Massachusetts I so want to walk in to smell the wonderful scents of Manor Hall. These are natural oilve oil soaps and theya rea all made in small batches. Attention to detail, care and love for product is what MHSC is all about.

These soaps left my hands feeling soft and clean without the dryness of conventional soaps you pick up at the grocery store. My hands have ascent but not over powering just a light clean scent of whichever soap i used. Lovely. These soap samplers are perfect for gifts and for little hands. My daughter was able to handle it perfectly without dropping it or it slipping out of her hands ( she'll be 3 in Dec). That made the sampler 100% worth it right there.

The Classic Sampler set is $7.35 and wold be a greta stocking stuffer or gift to introduce MHSC to any friend.

I also got the Carrot & Fennel Seed Complexion Bar. This 3.5 ounce bar is a wonderful miracle. leave my face hydrated clean and again..Fabulous! Doesn't dry or leave my skin overly tight. Just the right amount of everything. At $5.85 this is a steal!

As a bonus with my order I got as my Order Box Freebie (they usually have a freebie with any order) A Full size Honey Me Smooth Soap Bar. Again a full size is 3.5 ounces.

here is the description:
This kind and gentle honey almond soap bar contains the moisturizing protection of real honey and the rich softness of replenishing almond meal.

Honey is a natural humectant, grabbing and holding on to moisture while its antioxidants protect. Smoothing and softening, almond meal is gentle and non-irritating. It helps reduce inflammation, replenishing essential skin oils lost through cleansing.

This soap bar feels wonderful to use, leaving behind a rich barrier of velvet softness to ease and protect your dry or sensitive skin.

FABULOUSCITY! -nuff said

My other little bonus was a sample of the Deep Conditiong Creme. Featuring Shea Butter and jojoba oil. Used as a conditioning treatment pre-shampoo this little gem is thick and penetrating. If you use gel and product in your hair like i do daily i would rinse it out and lay in the creme and set with a warm towel. This is potent stuff. My daughter had frizzy risos and i just lightly rubbed my figer tip over the product and tried it on her Virgin hair. Let me say that her curls were shiney and soft and like moisture never hit them in the wrong way. The scent is pretty and I have found the company to take care of my baby's hair once we get out of the tear free stage. Thank You Manor Hall. For myself i know this will be a great at home luxurious spa treatment for my to make the time..hmmm...

I hope that you have enjoyed reading about Manor Hall Soap company and will give them a try. I promise youthey will not dissapoint!

Ciao for now!
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