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Monday, December 7, 2009

Okay so it's been a while since i have last posted. However i think this is worth the wait. I have forgotten to list my love of shoes in my about me stuff, however that will be mended.

Here are some cute shoes i have purchased recently. They are to celebrate weight loss and just take up beautiful space in my closet.

let's start with a basic: Mary Janes. The picture below is the J Crew version of my heeled MJs. They are high and shiny and wonderful. Mine are by Delicious and they are called Shiny. I got them for about $20 with shipping on ebay. Yes that's right - a total of $20.
The object with the shoes that i am showing is to just lengthen my legs and celebrate me getting back to my shape. The shoes are fun and sassy. Uber high and almost put me at eye level with my hubby, which is neat.

Pair #2

This is by Paprika (An inexpensive brand, but they come out with cool stuff all the time). I paid with shipping a total of $23 for these on ..yes again Ebay. They are called Saco and are in gunmetal. I don't think this picture does justice to these elegant and tough looking heels. It makes them look short and stubby, when they are long and slender. They make legs look miles long. Doing heels with studs is a new thing for me, as i love ruffles and buckles or just a pain shoe, however i wanted to try something new and Saco fit the bill perfectly.

Now for my fave of the new additions to my shoe collection: (in transit right now)

This is a double platform pump in satin. Gorgeous red satin. Take a look at that sexy lil ruffle. It is just to die for! I have a Sally Hansen nail polish that is the exact same shade. Now this one was a bit more expensive but i belive so worth it @ $42 including shipping. On ...ta dah Ebay! The heel is an extreme 5" the platform is 2". All i can say is wow and double wow.

So what am I wearing for the holidays? These lovely jewels:

These lovely leather Caparros call Dux are just stunning. At $28 on Ebay a steal (MSRP $75)! They will go perfectly with my purple holiday dress and any other dress i may need to go out dancign and partying. A littl elower with a 4 inch heel but none the less sexy and stylish. On ebay Show Metro was the seller and i love thier bargains! The bling on the toe is just enough but not over the top. Tip: did you know that Capparos is woman owned by a Boricua ( Puerto Rican)? Yes it is! Great US company.

It has been a great time for shoe shopping and I hope you all have found your holiday shoes. I'd love to see them. Merry Christmas!

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