Tuesday, September 1, 2009
I have entered the world of handmade crafts!

My new store on is sweet! Need a logo to be done but that is not difficult. My store name is going to be A Different Shade of Me. My colors will be Raspberry and a dark purple and gold. Lovin' it! The name is inspired by all the different ways a woman can choose to change her look. Since i do that with color a lot, i wanted to incorproate that and came up with shades of color and then the light bubl inmy head became ever so bright and the name to my store was born. why the choice of "Me" instead of "you"? I wanted to make it personal. Different Shades of You is like looking at the woman and it seemed so impersonal while A Different Shade of Me make it personal, like the product could reflect any mood at any given moment. So if i want to be elegant today there would be soemthing in my store to fit that shade or persona of a client. If she wants to reveal her bold side, then there would be soemthing to reflect that shade of her peronality. It's just wonderful.

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I've already got items up and am planning to create some more. I also take custom orders for those who want soemthing unique or woudl like an item in a specific color to suit thier shade or desire of the moment or occassion ( like a wedding, quinceanera, sweet 16 etc) Stop by take a look and if anything fits your shade, make a purchase.

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