Day 1 of the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog Challenge on SITS

Monday, February 21, 2011
For Women

I'm playing catchup because i just stumbled upon this site today. it is helping tremendously.

The challenge was to compose an elevator pitch for my blog.

I thought about my blog and what i had been posting lately and where I'd like the blog to go. Initially it was supposed to be for this jewelry business I was in and that i wound up hating. Then i got serious about making jewelry and recently i just haven't had the time. I'm into makeup and since there is always something new due to season (I'm a mark rep) or even a holiday or when i loose weight (my treat when i loose 2lbs or more), makeup has been a constant on the blog. I wanted to open up to my readers about myself and my family. So i want to have more sharing about my life and it gives me a reason to take more memorable pictures of the family for my readers to enjoy.

My elevator pitch came to this:

Making bling …makeup reviews..and a life as I know it.

I stay true to my original intent to blog about jewelry but include my love for makeup and anything else I happen to fancy..yay! 

My long pitch came out to really get to my heart..i really like it:

One creative gals’ journey of expression through jewelry, experimentation with all things makeup and life as I know it with my husband, kids and cats.
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Real Life In A Minute said...

Hi. I am behind you today on Blog 30 day. I'm still catching up. Following. Good luck.

Ouidad said...

I like your pitch! Can't wait to follow your blog during the 31 day challenge. Keep it up...

Katie for Ouidad