Thinking about fitness

Thursday, August 19, 2010
I have my Yummy Mummy Fitness plan and the Get Ripped Series by Jari love. Also have a few other videos to help me get me to shed pounds and get the heart rate up. But i love variety so I've been looking for other exercises to pack into my routines for the coming months.

Found this video on that uses resistance bands, i love resistance tubes and band they are wonderful. I can take them into any room and do what i need to do and get a great workout.

Also like this one:

Going to be journaling online and i think i have a separate blog just for that. Yes I do! here is the link: Journey to Fit Yummy Mumminess.

I stopped in October 2009. Pretty much right before hubby came home from deployment and before second baby was on the way, so a few changes will have to be made to the layout. Done! It's still pink but a lil fresher looking.

I am committed to making this fitness thing work and i may even be brave and post a food journal. that for me is the hardest thing to do. We'll see.

My workouts will all be at home until i add Zumba classes on base. It'll take me a while though until i fully recover. I hate going to the gym, so i have made my office a quazi gym. Free weights an adjustable bench and step, resistance bands, weighted bar, weighted ball ( do plan to get some more, but have yet to see them at a price i like.) yoga band and yoga mat. I might want a new peice of equipment but we'll see as i go along. Oh yeah i also have an elliptical i will use for cardio in addition to Leslie Sansone and Jari Love's interval training. HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is great stuff especially now that I will have two little ones- a 3 yr- old and an infant, it's important that i can get the max out of my cardio in a short amount of time.

Prayers and positive thoughts are needed.
So want to make my goal size and goal weight of 140-150 (will decide on a definite number later).

I'm excited!