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Sunday, May 17, 2009

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With my 6th wedding anniversary coming up at the end of this month I wanted to do a post on jewelry appropriate for the occasion. Anything that sparkles is always great with me, however there is a new list of specific gemstones that one can present on such a grand occasion as a wedding anniversary.

Anniversary Year Stone or Precious Metal

1st Anniversary Gold

2nd Anniversary Garnet

3rd Anniversary Pearl

4th Anniversary Blue Topaz

5th Anniversary Sapphire

6th Anniversary Amethyst

7th Anniversary Onyx

8th Anniversary Tourmaline

9th Anniversary Lapis Lazuli

10th Anniversary Diamond

11th Anniversary Turquoise

12th Anniversary Jade

13th Anniversary Citrine

14th Anniversary Opal

15th Anniversary Ruby

20th Anniversary Emerald

25th Anniversary Sterling Silver

30th Anniversary Pearls

50th Anniversary Gold

60th Anniversary Diamond

65th Anniversary Star Sapphire

75th Anniversary Diamond

As you can see, a few of the gemstones are used for more than a single anniversary. Perhaps this is in part due to the widespread popularity of the particular jewel or gemstone.At any rate, most women love jewelry, so the gift of a brilliant gemstone on her wedding anniversary is sure to be appreciated.

Son weather it's a ring, necklace bracelet or other piece of jewelry I'm sure this list will greatly help your loved one find the perfect piece with a stone or metal that is appropriate for the year. also saves from over stimulation and indecision. Can't go wrong with a guide.
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