Eco Friendly Jewelry

Tuesday, April 28, 2009
I was watching Tv and some of the most cheesiest commercials come on during the day time hours before 3pm. One of them being a commercial about recycling your old jewelry and getting a check in the mail from a refinery. while the concept may seem corny, it does have some good merits. Recycling old or broken or unused jewelry helps to provide gold silver and platinum to the jewelry industry that doe snot have to be mined.

According to Brilliant , mining of gold is a very destructive process to the environment. Not only that but the conditions the workers are placed in are hazardous.

Using lab created stones is another great way to leave a softer mark on the planet. These stones look just like the real thing and unless your friends are carrying a degree in gemology the are not going to know the difference. Sparkle is sparkle right!
This ring from is just wonderful. I have tried it on and will begetting it soon. It just sings! The stones are created and look just like diamonds. They are tough as nails and did I mention they sparkle a great deal? It's part of their DiamondLuxe collection. Right now this ring is still on sale and is on the website for $52.49 that is even lower from the $69 it was 2 weeks ago when I looked at again. I think it's time to purchase the ring! wat do you think?

Elizabeta Jewelry is another site that is socially concious and eco concious when it coems to jewelry making. They offer some stunning jewelry that used recycled marterials, responsible diamonds (not blood diamonds)and hybrid stones. A portion of their proceeds goes towards conservation efforts.

With all of the earth trying to conserve and do better to maintain our planet why not do it with jewelry that looks fantastic and it recycled or never mined from the planet leaving it damaged and hazardous to a child's health. Bling on all!

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