Bare Minerals..Made in the USA

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Been using Bare Minerals for the past couple months and I have to say, my skin is just thanking me for it. I have had skin improvement and I love the light feel and creamy texture of the mineral foundation. I also use the Prime Time Primer. $21

I also have to give a big four sparkly stars to The Buxom Lips line. The glosses are fantastic. I have Dolly and Starr. They have a plumping factor that tingles and adds fullness while having beautiful shine and adding moisture to your lips with Vitamins A & E. For the price of $18 you really get a good product. It also smells great! looking to get a peachy one next for summertime. I'm so excited.

Now I have had the roughest time with Mascara. I have tried a few different brands through out the years and what used to work for me was the common standard of the Pink Maybelline tube...but pregnancy changes everything! My skin become so much more sensitive and when I turned 28 my skin changed totally. I'm now more sensitive to chemicals and my skin went from oily to dry...weird I know.

So i looked into a few other brands like Cover Girl, Arbonne, and a few others. Until finally at Sephora I asked for help. I don't need dramatic volume or length i just wanted something so when i put on eye makeup they could stand out a little more. I also wanted something that wouldn't irritate my eyes as all the other brands had. So I was told the Buxom Lash mascara would be great. At a reasonable $18 i gave it a try. I can proudly say I love this mascara. It doesn't irritate and the wand is great. I would love to see this in a waterproof formula but I am utterly content with this product.

With all the worries about lead in makeup from china, I was trying to make sure that my makeup was not from china. Been looking through all my makeup and as i had thrown away some of the boxes I needed answers. So to the BE site I went to find the number for customer service. Once on the phone I spoke to April who after about a 30 sec hold time to look into the inquiry was able to relay that all the minerals are processed and mined her in the good old US of A. Some products lke the Prime Time are manufactured in the Netherlands and the only thing coming from China are the brushes.

To sum up, BE is the way to go if you like mineral makeup, want a trusted company and want to keep money flowing within this country. Happy Shopping!

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