Natural Makeup removers: reviews and feelings

Sunday, July 25, 2010
Okay so in effort to better my skin and save a few bucks, I have decided to go the natural route with makeup removers. Granted i was only spending $6 at Sephora but i noticed I was getting sensitive to the removers. Maybe it's pregnancy but stinging is not a great thing when trying to remove mascara and eyeshadow.

So here is what i have tried so far:

1) Olive Oil: I use oilve oil from my kitchen which when i do purchase every so often is about $8 for the grocery store brand which i love to cook with has a light fruity scent and is not too heavy. I have used this olive oil along with brown sugar for a face scrub and as a makeup remover and it is great stuff. I have to be careful around the eyes because sometimes it will sting but that is if i over soak my cotton ball. It leaves my skin very soft and removing the oil takes minutes to a routine which i enjoy taking my time with. So rinsing off olive oil with cool water is not a problem for me. I also add it to my dry cleanser for extra oomph and a better exfoliating experience.

2) Milk: Simple always have it on hand and refreshing. Milk does do a body good and apparently my face loves it too. Using milk as a makeup remover is very effective and moisturizing. I rinse with cool water after 2-3 min of removing makeup just to let some soak in and my skin feel very soft and refreshed. Milk is supposed to cleanse and balance the skin so no need for toner. Also love mixing it with my dry cleanser for a mask or with Aveeno oatmeal powder for a soothing face mask..what a wonderful thing milk it.

3) Vitamin E Oil Capsules: Okay this was on the fence for me. Vitamin E has anti-aging qualities and can soothe the skin..Okay good stuff so far. Bought my Vitamin E capsules at walmart for about $6 to mix with my Flaxseed hair Gel and decided to try it out as a makeup remover. By itself i can use half a capsule on my eyes and the other half capsule on my face. also mixed with my dry cleanser and it took off my makeup but left my skin with a layer of the oil. I was a little worried but maybe a half hour later my skin was supple and smooth. Not greasy or gross. I'm glad i stayed up to read and give it a chance to soak in. In the morning my skin was fine and not an oil slick, but i'm still on the fence about this oil and i think i may need to mix it with another oil to work out the way I would like.

4) Coconut Oil: I use Coconut oil for my hair and to moisturize my prego belly. It soothes my itchy skin that I've had with this pregnancy and i love the smell!As an eye makeup remover this is great! it also removes makeup pretty well, not as well as milk or olive oil but it does get stuff off. My lashes are looking much better since using it as an eye makeup remover and i think i would keep it to that. The oil i have is Extra Virgin CO from the Vitamin shoppe. 15oz for like $9.

5) Sweet Almond Oil: Found a very small jar of this in the Spanish/Latino items section of the hygiene section of Walmart for like $2. Also using it to add to my Flax seed hair gel with great results! and wow what a miracle that stuff is! Smells great and removes everything! Eye makeup, mascara and primer! (that's been my problem i have a great primer and my makeup just stays on) No stinging and my face feels like my daughter's uber soft and smells great. Teh oil is very lite and not greasy and very little goes a long way. I also tried a mixture of this oil and oilve oil and love it!

So my results are almond oil and olive oil work best for my skin and EVCO for just my eyes. Love using milk and Vitamin E hmmmm jury still out on that one. My skin is usually oily but has changed to dry due to pregnancy. When it was oily i did use olive oil with wonderful results.

Try these out and save a few might be surprised at the results.

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