Makeup Box Project and Makeup Brush holder

Saturday, July 4, 2009

In the quest to become more organized at my now increasing makeup collection and makeup brush collection, I have purchased two unfinished wood pieces, one jewelry box and a pencil holder from Hobby Lobby. At a total of almost $20 for the pieces, the paint, and the pretty paper, i think this is a project worth the money and what a savings from the $59-$79 organizer i was eying online.

So here is the 4 drawer box. You can check it out on for $12.99 (or at Hobby Lobby)

The other thing is called a remote organizer but i think it looks more like a pen holder/organizer. It is on the same site or at your local Hobby Lobby store for $3.99.

The 4 drawer chest is quite nice. I liked the idea of vertical space versus horizontal space although i do have plenty of room on the bathroom counter, but the hubby will be back from Iraq one day and will need the one foot of room i give him. I'm so excited about this project!

I also found some nice paper to use to decorate the drawers themselves. And the greatest part was finding this metallic peridot paint by FolkArt! It is absolutely beautiful! It matches my sexy bedding that i found at Ross. Dark Peridot with gold in warm and calming. To die for!

Now for the paper, the die cut lace papers are really in now and i found a good scroll pattern in black. Very pretty and with a cardstock thickness so it's not filmy or too delicate.

To adhere the paper i just used the Tacky Glue. Modge Podge was just too expensive and i always loose it. Have to get a sealer on Monday but it looks greta so far.

The Result was this gorgeous box i am proud to put in my bathroom! The makeup brush holder isn't finished yet but i do have pics detailing the paint job. i love both so far.

I do plan on adding the scroll die cut paper to it some where but i need a second coat on the holder. It soaks up a lot of paint. Would love to do some more in this color and some in bronze. I can't begin to say how much fun this was and how glad I am that all this was done for a fraction of the price of those ones i wanted. Thank God for Hobby Lobby!

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